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Should a pastor be paid $500,000 per year?


The rich probably wouldn't give a damn. But for the average Singaporean like you and I, it does seem odd doesn't it? I have always thought that a servant of god should be paid a token amount. This token amount should be enough to cover his basic expenses. After all, one is supposed to make sacrifices to become god's servant.

$500,000 works out to a monthly salary of $41,666.70!!! Damn, I wanna be a pastor too! Who wouldn't right? I think it is an outrage that this man was paid so much money. If the church has too much money, then give the money to charities. If the said pastor deserves his salary then TT Durai did nothing wrong and should have been paid the salary he got at NKF.

The Singapore government should make it a policy to reveal the salaries of religious heads. I personally want to know how much the Archbishop in Singapore earns in a year. My bet is that it won't even hit the $10k mark per month.

Well, what do you think Singapore?


  1. for once in many moons i agree with you...its digusting

  2. Isn't it nice for someone to create a "church", with tongue of gibe, with the look, with whatever that makes people believe you; no need a good degree, no need an authenticated qualification, just a bunch of idiots who believe in you and POOF! A perfect formula to scam money out of people by creating a "church".

  3. Wassup Remy! Why do you always have to disagree with me?! How bout you agree that LIVERPOOL is the BEST team in the world? Come on, you can do it!

    Yea bro, I totally agree. It's disgusting!

    Brother William, sometimes I think religion is a money making machine. There are way too many people out there that use the name of god to make money.

    That's one of the reasons I am a free thinker. I don't need anyone to tell me that I need to give a certain amount of my salary every month. I already have the CPF doing that. And that's enough!!

  4. Okay, dude, I need your help.

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    I should be there ard 1pm.

  5. Dude! Did you not receive the invite? I'll call and fuck you up in 10 mins!!!


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