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Where's my hard boiled egg?!

Helloooo everyone! I seem to be losing track of days. I thought yesterday was Tuesday and I woke up thinking today is Wednesday. I guess that is a good thing. It's better being one day behind. At least I'll have one extra day in a week. I just hope I don't miss any appointments or this wedding I'm supposed to attend on Saturday.

You know, I'm beginning to love Malay weddings. Not those that are held in CC's or ballrooms. But those old school types that are held under the block. It's really traditional and the food always rocks! If there is one thing I miss, it's the hard boiled egg that Malays used to give out at weddings. I don't understand why they don't do that anymore. I just think that certain traditions need to be kept...

I need to tell you about this taxi ride we had last night. Ann and I were on our way to Little India and we had the most delightful man as our cabby. My only guess is that this old chinese man is a fortune teller. He knew stuff about Ann and I that left us speechless. He knew what food and drinks Ann likes and he advised her against consuming some of her likings. He knew what kinda person I was before and after I got married. He knew about Ann's migraines and what kinda boy Drayden is growing up to be. To cut things short, he knew a lot of shit!

He did say this year is my lucky year. It sure seems to be a good year thus far. I can only hope things continue being good. So yeah, meeting this nice man yesterday was a blessing in many ways. Ahhh...I'm so happy!

Our computer is down so Ann is sharing my laptop. She's got a lot of work to do online so she uses the laptop most of time. Rather than surf for porn, I reckon it's most productive that she uses the laptop right? See! The sacrifices I make in this marriage! Hahaha...

I've got to clean out my airbrush guns. Have a good friday and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Dude, it's Thursday today. I was still thinking of popping by on Saturday to check your comp. Since you got wedding dinner, maybe i gotta reschedule it.

  2. actually i think they still do give out the hard boiled eggs.

  3. William, what time were you planning to come over?

    to Shyanne: They did? I've been to 6 malay weddings this year and none of them gave eggs!!! Anti-climax man... Grrr...

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