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Rain rain go away!

For those of you that aren't from Singapore or if you have never heard about this, you might find this post interesting. I took this picture (above) when I did this outdoor event for SAFRA at Sentosa some months ago. I saw the exact same thing back in 2000 when I was involved in the National Day celebrations at the Padang.

What is the onion and chili supposed to do you may ask? I asked some friends and this is what I have gathered so far...This practice likely started back in the good old kampung days. Malay fishermen used to plant the chili and onions to keep the rain away. Some think it's a bomoh practice. I hear there is a certain way to do it. Not sure how though...

If you think I'm mad, listen to what our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had to say at last year's Formula One night race.

Call it superstition if you want. But if you think about it real hard, the National Day parade has never been canceled because of bad weather. If you do know something about this practice, do leave a comment at the end of this post. I'll love to hear from you...


  1. I dunno how or where it started, but us Nonyas are firm believers of the Chili and Onion on Satay Stick Rain Prevention Program!!

    We do dat everytime we have a BBQ! =D

  2. Oh ok...didn't know the Nonyas do it too! I'm gonna do it for Dray's birthday party. Is there a particular way to do it?

  3. That's what I thought too!

    But for NDP, they actually do cloud seeding to force it to rain before the actual parade so that it wouldn't rain on the actual day.

  4. Neighbour, just as you see in the pic...stick an onion and chili through a satay stick, and stick it in the ground!

    Hee, this is how I did it during my last bbq:

  5. dude...i was the one who planted that!! hahah! works big time!!

  6. Coool. my Grandmmomma did that too. i find it funny and laugh so hard when she put it somewhere near our house. but when she explain.... i was like Ouuuuuhh. WORKS! coool huh?! =)

  7. to Lounge Lizard: Well, we do have the onion and chili things at NDP.

    And I know we have a mass prayer by all the head of religions before the huge Singapore flag is lifted by the super puma heli.

    But cloud seeding? Isn't that expensive?! NDP 2000 rained right up to an hour before we let the spectators in...

    to missbitchalot: HAhaha...someone told me there is a certain way to do it! That bloody fucker!!! I'll just anyhow poke then!

    to Angela: You were the one! I should have known!!!! Hahahaha...

    to Lavuvu: Hey babe!!! Haven't seen you here in awhile! Hope all is good on your end.

    Hmm, I'll take your granny's word for it. I'm gonna try this at my son's birthday party in 11 days...

  8. hahaha, actually lounge lizard is right, they do cloud seeding in advance. and i guess it isn't too expensive when it's singapore's national event.

  9. I've learnt something new! Though I think it's a waste of money!!! Then again, the government sure has a lot of money...

  10. My mom used to do this all the time in the backyard. My friends would always ask me why the heck it was on a stick in my backyard.


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