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One more day...

Hi all, how did you celebrate Earth Hour? One can only hope that you supported the cause. I hear lots of restaurants and clubs that took advantage of Earth Hour, made good money last night. Over at the Boyd residence, we had our lights turned off for an hour. I can't say the same about my neighbours. Oh well...

If you are a pro wrestling fan, I would like to suggest a blog for your reading pleasure. Phil Strum blogs about the wrestling world and he does a helluva good job. His latest post is an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart. I love his posts and I hope you will too. Here's the blog address:

I reckon it's gonna rain the whole damn day. We had plans to chill out by the baby pool!!! That's Singapore isn't it? You just never know when it's gonna rain. Talking about the rain, I have a post lined up for tomorrow. Can we stop the rain? Swing on by tomorrow to find out...

Tomorrow morning will mark the end of my week long vegetarian deal with god. It's funny how I don't really miss eating meat. I love the vegetarian food I have been eating the last six days. I wouldn't mind going vegetarian once or twice a week from now on. It's cheaper and better for my health. Anyhow, here's a simple meal I cooked two nights ago...

(from top left, clockwise: sambal goreng, boiled asparagus, deep-fried mushrooms and grilled brinjal (eggplant)

Alright folks, enjoy your Sunday and big love to all!


  1. Oooh mushrooms! I've never had them battered that way before - usually i coat with flour, egg and breadcrumbs :D

    Did you manage to find the large field mushrooms?

  2. Chua celebrated earth hour by making sure everyone in his family goes to bed at 8.30pm on saturday night. And the aircon is off the entire night.

  3. i thought i'd have to take my parents by their ears and force them to switch off the lights, and the telly, and the fan for a whole hour. but they were all game for it! although i could see my mom eyeing the fan switch after 30 minutes. haha!

    all i know was that the mozzies at my house had a total feast for that whole hour! :)

  4. to Starryluvly: I used flour and egg for the batter. Does it look different? Can't find the large field mushrooms. However I did see a huge ass mushroom packed together with a bunch of other mushrooms. Kinda like an assortment of sorts. When I think of mushrooms, I think of smurfs. Heh!

    to Chua: Hahahaha...Everyone went to sleep at 8.30pm? Wow!!!

    to Alyson Rozells: Hey you...My folks were full on too! It's great that your parents were supportive of the cause. I have a friend that complained his parents were nagging about the darkness, etc...

    Thank god we didn't have a problem with mozzies here. Considering we live next to forest!


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