Jan 23, 2007

My Inspiration

Hey all…Yours truly is off today and I cant wait for the Malaysia vs Singapore match!! Without say, we’re gonna kick Malaysia’s ass! Heh!

I’ve shared this song with a couple of people that mattered most in my life. One passed away and the other is getting married next month. ARRGH!! Anyway, this is a beautiful song by Malaysia’s very own Manbai. Below are the lyrics and I’ve included a rough English translation for those whom are well….....LOST!

This song says everything about this significant individual whom I look upon as my mentor. A man that made my existence matter when the world didn’t care less. A man that showed me what my 'gift' was. I’m fortunate to be working with his sons now. They’re awesome musicians and I’m glad they followed their dad’s footsteps. It touched my heart when I found out recently that he remembers me. It meant so much that I had to literally fight back tears. Well guys, give this song a good listen…

Lyrics for Manbai - Kau Ilhamku

Beribu bintang di langit kini menghilang
Meraba aku dalam kelam
Rembulan mengambang kini makin suram
Pudar ilhamku tanpa arah

Sedetik wajahmu muncul dalam diam
Ada kerdipan ada sinar
Itukah bintang ataupun rembulan
Terima kasih ku ucapkan

Izinkanku mencuri bayangan wajahmu
Izinkanku mencuri khayalan denganmu

Maafkanlah oh...
Andailah lagu ini mengganggu ruangan hidupmu
Kau senyumlah oh...
Sekadar memori kita di arena ini
Kau ilhamku... kau ilhamku...

Here’s a rough English translation of this beautiful song…

Thousands of stars in the sky have now disappeared
I feel about in the darkness
The floating moon is now growing darker
My inspiration fades without a direction

A moment of your face appears in the quiet
There is flickering of light
Is that the stars or the moon?
I say thank you

Allow me to steal the shadow of your face
Allow me to steal the imagination with you

Forgive me, oh
Imagine this song could disturb the space you live in ,
You smile, oh
Just memories of us in this arena
You're my inspiration . . . you're my inspiration . . .

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Jan 16, 2007


We’re halfway thru January folks! How’s 2007 treating you?

What can I say about relationships? My other half decided to blog about relationships and I’m gonna do the same. In my opinion, if a relationship is heading for disaster, its better to end it then to hold on. I’ll give ya’ll an example. For one whole fucking year, I tried saving a relationship that was getting no where. And yea, I’m talking bout the bitch that was sleeping around. And during that one year, I started hating her. I’ll say this now and if you know me well enough, you’ll agree. I’ll never talk to her again and I’ll go to my grave hating her. If she ever comes to my workplace, I’ll throw her and her friends out. Even if it means I’ll get fired!

I hate arguments and the more I argue with someone, the more I dread hearing from that person. Let’s put it this way. Would you want to argue with a person daily? I bet my ass that the answer is NO! A big FAT fucking NO!

I’m sure some of you have been in a relationship where there isn’t any trust. How the hell does that work?? When it comes to my job, I can’t demand or ask for someone to trust me. Sure I made a mistake by kissing this chick on NYE. Would that happen again? Sadly the answer is yes. I’ll be as honest as I can here…I FLIRT a whole lot at work. It’s a daily routine that sees a good number of female customers returning for a 2nd drink. And when we start our Gay Nights, I’m still gonna flirt. I’ll do anything to keep my job at the bar. Probably why I’m called the SLUT of Bar None. And yeah…I enjoy flirting with people whom enjoy flirting. It’s as simple as that!

I’ve got one new years resolution. And this is one I’m gonna make happen. My new years resolution is to work my ass off for the Bar. I want Bar None to be what it was when I first stepped through their doors 4 years ago. It’s not gonna be easy with the current competition. But we have something the rest don’t. We have the best rock band in Singapore and the very best in LIVE entertainment. So do forgive me if I don’t have time for anything else in life. I’m giving myself to the end of the year to make this happen. If it doesn’t, I’ll concede defeat and give up my job to a better man.

It’s time to get off my ass and start work. Ya’ll take care and have a good week!
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Jan 9, 2007


Some of you might not agree with the comments by yours truly and some of you might not give two hoots about this post. But, I’m gonna say it and if not for work, I would have posted this earlier.

Here we go…

I’m sick to the bone that Saddam Hussein was executed! I love America for what it is and what it remains to be. Bush and company on the other hand is something America can do without. Every now and then they decide to do something that doesn’t make fucking sense. If you know your history, you’d know that Saddam and the US were once good friends. This friendship was at an all time high when Iran and Iraq were at war. What happened shortly after the war was what we see in our everyday lives. A friend fucking a friend up.

When you’re rich and loaded, you tend to forget the smaller friends. I can totally relate to that. Why? I’ve had assholes like that in my life. People use you and they spit you out. It has happened so many times that I’m numb. I know of a certain musician that feels the same. But…I shouldn’t name names…He’s probably happy where’s he is right now.

Back to Saddam…What harm would it have done to have given him life imprisonment? Is there really a purpose in the execution? I know many of you are probably thinking of reasons to justify his hanging.

Let me ask you this then…Hundreds, correction, thousands of innocent Iraqis have died since the US invaded Iraq. Many of them children and mothers. Shouldn’t someone be punished for this? Like the person whom ordered the invasion on the grounds of Weapons of Mass Destruction? It’s the exact same thing ain’t it?!

As sick as this sounds, I’ve got a ton of respect for Saddam. The very man whom is a trained CIA agent. Call him whatever you want. It takes a man with balls to do what he did for his country. You try running a country when the world has shut its doors on you. It’s virtually impossible. As shocking as this may sound to many of you, he ensured that there was free schooling to the highest education for every kid. And Iraqis enjoyed free hospitalization as well. Right up to the day they croaked.

Well, I’ve said what I’ve had to say. Till the next post….
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Jan 7, 2007


It’s 7 days into 2007 and by god I hope that this year will be one to remember. I reckon I’m off to a good start and things can only get better. Dun cha think?

Things I wanna do in 2007…
1) More sex than 2006 (lots more!!)
2) I wanna go to Borneo in June. It’ll be a dream come true to volunteer at this reserve.
3) Gotta complete all the tattoos that need more ink!
4) I need to stop balding fast! Someone fucking help me!!!

Has anyone ever heard of Sista Groove? Neither have I…Moving on we shall…

My off day is tomorrow and I’m gonna spend the day watching DVD’s and hopefully grab a beer with my neighbour. Beers in Thomson is normally drunk by the roadside or at the hawker centre. I’m one of the few Eurasian bengs whom will always choose a kopitiam or coffeeshop to have a nice cold beer.

To the crew at Bar None and The Living Room, I love my stripe shirts!! I’m gonna buy more shirts and the Bananas In Pajamas song isn’t getting to me. I swear! Mommmmy!!!

Every now and then, I would glance up at Carmen Soo. She’s up on the wall at our B.C store and she looks mighty fine. She’s the kind of girl I would wanna tease and marry after a night of passionate love making. Ok ok…A night of wild sex! *slurp*

Eh Why You So Like That?!

Wassup with the Indonesian government??! These blokes don’t seem to learn. Each time something happens in their country, they’re sloooow to react to their people’s needs. That’s one huge fucking country in a mess. They’ll probably deny it but the god damn truth hurts!

I’ve gotta get back to work. It’s gonna be one long hella night. Till next time, be good and pray for the victims of Adam’s Air. Ciaos people!

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