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It’s 7 days into 2007 and by god I hope that this year will be one to remember. I reckon I’m off to a good start and things can only get better. Dun cha think?

Things I wanna do in 2007…
1) More sex than 2006 (lots more!!)
2) I wanna go to Borneo in June. It’ll be a dream come true to volunteer at this reserve.
3) Gotta complete all the tattoos that need more ink!
4) I need to stop balding fast! Someone fucking help me!!!

Has anyone ever heard of Sista Groove? Neither have I…Moving on we shall…

My off day is tomorrow and I’m gonna spend the day watching DVD’s and hopefully grab a beer with my neighbour. Beers in Thomson is normally drunk by the roadside or at the hawker centre. I’m one of the few Eurasian bengs whom will always choose a kopitiam or coffeeshop to have a nice cold beer.

To the crew at Bar None and The Living Room, I love my stripe shirts!! I’m gonna buy more shirts and the Bananas In Pajamas song isn’t getting to me. I swear! Mommmmy!!!

Every now and then, I would glance up at Carmen Soo. She’s up on the wall at our B.C store and she looks mighty fine. She’s the kind of girl I would wanna tease and marry after a night of passionate love making. Ok ok…A night of wild sex! *slurp*

Eh Why You So Like That?!

Wassup with the Indonesian government??! These blokes don’t seem to learn. Each time something happens in their country, they’re sloooow to react to their people’s needs. That’s one huge fucking country in a mess. They’ll probably deny it but the god damn truth hurts!

I’ve gotta get back to work. It’s gonna be one long hella night. Till next time, be good and pray for the victims of Adam’s Air. Ciaos people!

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  1. Heheh so now Ima hafta read ur blog to see what you beer-at-hawker plans you have for me? Heheh

    Anyhooz, was fun doin the whole beer thing with u again neighbour..! =D


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