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Some of you might not agree with the comments by yours truly and some of you might not give two hoots about this post. But, I’m gonna say it and if not for work, I would have posted this earlier.

Here we go…

I’m sick to the bone that Saddam Hussein was executed! I love America for what it is and what it remains to be. Bush and company on the other hand is something America can do without. Every now and then they decide to do something that doesn’t make fucking sense. If you know your history, you’d know that Saddam and the US were once good friends. This friendship was at an all time high when Iran and Iraq were at war. What happened shortly after the war was what we see in our everyday lives. A friend fucking a friend up.

When you’re rich and loaded, you tend to forget the smaller friends. I can totally relate to that. Why? I’ve had assholes like that in my life. People use you and they spit you out. It has happened so many times that I’m numb. I know of a certain musician that feels the same. But…I shouldn’t name names…He’s probably happy where’s he is right now.

Back to Saddam…What harm would it have done to have given him life imprisonment? Is there really a purpose in the execution? I know many of you are probably thinking of reasons to justify his hanging.

Let me ask you this then…Hundreds, correction, thousands of innocent Iraqis have died since the US invaded Iraq. Many of them children and mothers. Shouldn’t someone be punished for this? Like the person whom ordered the invasion on the grounds of Weapons of Mass Destruction? It’s the exact same thing ain’t it?!

As sick as this sounds, I’ve got a ton of respect for Saddam. The very man whom is a trained CIA agent. Call him whatever you want. It takes a man with balls to do what he did for his country. You try running a country when the world has shut its doors on you. It’s virtually impossible. As shocking as this may sound to many of you, he ensured that there was free schooling to the highest education for every kid. And Iraqis enjoyed free hospitalization as well. Right up to the day they croaked.

Well, I’ve said what I’ve had to say. Till the next post….

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