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We’re halfway thru January folks! How’s 2007 treating you?

What can I say about relationships? My other half decided to blog about relationships and I’m gonna do the same. In my opinion, if a relationship is heading for disaster, its better to end it then to hold on. I’ll give ya’ll an example. For one whole fucking year, I tried saving a relationship that was getting no where. And yea, I’m talking bout the bitch that was sleeping around. And during that one year, I started hating her. I’ll say this now and if you know me well enough, you’ll agree. I’ll never talk to her again and I’ll go to my grave hating her. If she ever comes to my workplace, I’ll throw her and her friends out. Even if it means I’ll get fired!

I hate arguments and the more I argue with someone, the more I dread hearing from that person. Let’s put it this way. Would you want to argue with a person daily? I bet my ass that the answer is NO! A big FAT fucking NO!

I’m sure some of you have been in a relationship where there isn’t any trust. How the hell does that work?? When it comes to my job, I can’t demand or ask for someone to trust me. Sure I made a mistake by kissing this chick on NYE. Would that happen again? Sadly the answer is yes. I’ll be as honest as I can here…I FLIRT a whole lot at work. It’s a daily routine that sees a good number of female customers returning for a 2nd drink. And when we start our Gay Nights, I’m still gonna flirt. I’ll do anything to keep my job at the bar. Probably why I’m called the SLUT of Bar None. And yeah…I enjoy flirting with people whom enjoy flirting. It’s as simple as that!

I’ve got one new years resolution. And this is one I’m gonna make happen. My new years resolution is to work my ass off for the Bar. I want Bar None to be what it was when I first stepped through their doors 4 years ago. It’s not gonna be easy with the current competition. But we have something the rest don’t. We have the best rock band in Singapore and the very best in LIVE entertainment. So do forgive me if I don’t have time for anything else in life. I’m giving myself to the end of the year to make this happen. If it doesn’t, I’ll concede defeat and give up my job to a better man.

It’s time to get off my ass and start work. Ya’ll take care and have a good week!


  1. yaay u called me ur other half..

    *jumps about*


  2. but on a more serious note,

    while i am happy for you and extremely proud of you being so dedicated to your work, you can't blame me for feeling neglected at times.

    and i'm sure i speak for a few..

    we miss you. i.. miss you.

    i've said this before, where trust is concerned, it's something that has to be earned. not expected, demanded or assumed.

    as for the flirting, it's not an issue and should never be an issue. i understand that in your line of work, flirting is inevitable especially if it makes the difference to that elusive 2nd visit/drink.

    but again, you cant blame me for being a little insecure sometimes..

    i've been to places where at little harmless flirting from the bartenders keeps me coming back. so i totally get that. as long as a little self restraint is exercised on your part, there's no sense in me beating on the drum.

    and as for that incident on NYE, i saw it. i cant forget it. nor can you change it. but my only consolation is, i saw you pull away first.

    and that makes all the difference.


  3. i see my name (link) has been altered. i guess the novelty wore off..

    i'm no longer your Baby Hida?

    anyway, it's been nice. u have made me happy even if it was for a while.

    perhaps next time you can be sure about what you want before making decisions involving another person k, instead of jumping headfirst then realising you've made a mistake.

    *stabs heart*

    ouh... =(


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