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Hey all…Yours truly is off today and I cant wait for the Malaysia vs Singapore match!! Without say, we’re gonna kick Malaysia’s ass! Heh!

I’ve shared this song with a couple of people that mattered most in my life. One passed away and the other is getting married next month. ARRGH!! Anyway, this is a beautiful song by Malaysia’s very own Manbai. Below are the lyrics and I’ve included a rough English translation for those whom are well….....LOST!

This song says everything about this significant individual whom I look upon as my mentor. A man that made my existence matter when the world didn’t care less. A man that showed me what my 'gift' was. I’m fortunate to be working with his sons now. They’re awesome musicians and I’m glad they followed their dad’s footsteps. It touched my heart when I found out recently that he remembers me. It meant so much that I had to literally fight back tears. Well guys, give this song a good listen…

Lyrics for Manbai - Kau Ilhamku

Beribu bintang di langit kini menghilang
Meraba aku dalam kelam
Rembulan mengambang kini makin suram
Pudar ilhamku tanpa arah

Sedetik wajahmu muncul dalam diam
Ada kerdipan ada sinar
Itukah bintang ataupun rembulan
Terima kasih ku ucapkan

Izinkanku mencuri bayangan wajahmu
Izinkanku mencuri khayalan denganmu

Maafkanlah oh...
Andailah lagu ini mengganggu ruangan hidupmu
Kau senyumlah oh...
Sekadar memori kita di arena ini
Kau ilhamku... kau ilhamku...

Here’s a rough English translation of this beautiful song…

Thousands of stars in the sky have now disappeared
I feel about in the darkness
The floating moon is now growing darker
My inspiration fades without a direction

A moment of your face appears in the quiet
There is flickering of light
Is that the stars or the moon?
I say thank you

Allow me to steal the shadow of your face
Allow me to steal the imagination with you

Forgive me, oh
Imagine this song could disturb the space you live in ,
You smile, oh
Just memories of us in this arena
You're my inspiration . . . you're my inspiration . . .


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    hey baby i got the tag for the player for you. but its linked to my flash.acc k. remove the spaces after each < before u cut and paste in your blog.

    muacks. love you. =)


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