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Singapore 1 Hour Express Birthday Cake Delivery Review

Who has a birthday cake for a 6 month old baby? Me! Quite frankly I thought it would be nice to have a beautiful cake to celebrate my daughter's milestone. She turned 6 months old a few days ago so we arranged for the family to come over for a makan session. We had two groups of 5 (yes we adhered to the government's covid rules because we are socially responsible adults) that visited us at 3pm and 6pm respectively.

I felt that something was missing when the first group left. I pondered and pondered till I thought about CAKE! I couldn't possibly leave the house to get a cake and I didn't want to inconvenience a family member. So I googled 'Cake Delivery Singapore' and found I scrolled down their website and saw this... "Free Delivery + 1 Hour Express + Overnight Delivery". Can it be true? Could I have a cake within an hour?? I browsed their site, chose a cake, tapped my phone screen a few times, keyed in my address and made payment. It was that easy!

The next group of relatives arrived a short while after I ordered the cake. We had pre-ordered some food that came too and while everyone was eating, the cake arrived! It was slightly under 50 minutes. Is that impressive or what?!

Here's the cake!

This is my wife Gabrielle and my daughter Marley

I chose the 9.5" Chocolate Rainbow Cake. The colourful layers makes this a beautiful cake right? It weighed 1.3kg and gives approximately 12 slices.

How does it taste? It's yummy, full of flavour kind of cake that isn't too heavy. I had two servings!

Next time I'll order the Premium Chocolate Fudge Cake. It looks so good! I highly recommend Cake Delivery Singapore. They certainly didn't disappoint and their express delivery is a winner!

Visit for more information.

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