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Dr. Tricia from Royce Dental Surgery (Review)

Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post. I mean everything I say here and it's my little way to show my gratitude to Dr. Tricia.

Two weeks ago I woke up with a dull pain on the right side of my lower jaw. Initially I attributed it to sleeping in an awkward position. However the pain became so bad that I couldn't chew my dinner! I knew it was one of my molars but I couldn't pinpoint which one because my gums were inflamed. I applied clove oil because I read somewhere that it works wonders for toothaches. Well it didn't! I woke up on the 17th of August in a lot more pain but I was determined to not visit a dentist.

I don't know about you but I've never liked visits to the dentist. It's painful, costly and I'll repeat painful again! I've also never had a dentist that genuinely cared either. You can just feel these things right?

At roughly three in the afternoon I surrendered to the pain and Googled for the nearest dental clinic. The first two I called didn't have any slots. And then I called Royce Dental Surgery. They had an opening but I had to get there in 15 minutes! I rushed out of my house and got there just in time. Thankfully they are a short taxi ride from where I stay.

After a quick registration, I was ushered into the dental room. Dr. Tricia introduced herself and examined my teeth. An x-ray followed and it showed that the nerve in my first molar had died, which made it a 'non-vital' tooth. There were two options. Either I get a root canal or an extraction. I opted for the latter because I need to save money for my family. It has been rough lately as there aren't any events to emcee and the Covid situation doesn't seem to have an end in sight. So yeah, mission TOOTH EXTRACTION began!

My good dentist tried her best to remove my tooth but it turns out my teeth are as stubborn as me. She had no choice but to do dental surgery. After cutting the tooth in half, she was able to easily extract it in two pieces.

I know it's gross but I just had to show it so you know what I mean...

I am thankful that Dr. Tricia guided me through the entire process. She would inform me what she was gonna do before she did it. She was also comforting by saying stuff like "You're doing well" and "Don't worry everything is fine". You have no idea how much this meant.

Today I visited her again to get fillings done. She did a remarkable job and I left the clinic a very happy man. I would like to thank Dr. Tricia for being an amazing dentist. I've never had a dentist that cared so much about my well being. It's so refreshing and for once in my life I like going to the dentist!

I took this photo of Dr. Tricia and I today.

If you're wondering how she looks without a face mask, here's a photo of her from

I highly recommend her so even if you don't live in Bukit Batok or the western part of Singapore, your trip to her clinic will be worth it.

Clinic Details:

Royce Dental Surgery, Dr. Chng Hui Kia Tricia
Blk 150 Bt Batok Street 11, #01-232
Singapore 650150
Telephone: 6909 6134

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