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My 8 Crabs Review

I'm sure you've seen their advertisements on social media. Yes the one that guarantees 60 minutes delivery. Upon visiting their website, I was impressed with what I read. Who wouldn't be? For starters, they are the only crab delivery service in Singapore with grade AAA premium Sri Lankan wild caught crabs! They claim their crabs are flown in daily and is prepared by 5 star chefs. This I believe because I went to 3 supermarkets in the morning last weekend and crabs were sold out. So frustrating right? Anyway, the promise of a full refund via store credits for late deliveries sealed the deal for me. So we arranged for some friends to come over and ordered online...

Our doorbell rang 42 minutes later...

I over ordered! As my wife and I are the only two adults in this house, we didn't have enough dinnerware for all the dishes.

Lets start with the Har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken). This was good! Fried to the right texture and rich in flavour, this is one of my favourite dishes.

A seafood dinner isn't complete without prawns. Presenting their Premium Cereal Prawn! Also deep fried to the right texture, the prawns were crunchy and fresh.

This is the Claypot Beancurd. It's pretty nice.

The Yang Zhou Fried Rice is highly recommended. It's tasty and made the way I like it. The rice grains are firm and it isn't overly salty.

I love sotong so much that I ordered two types of dishes. This is the Fried Baby Sotong. It's super shiok!

What's a crab feast without man tou? They sell them in sets of so I ordered 3 sets. You can never have enough fried man tou!!!

Finally we get to the crab! They have three award winning styles to choose from. This is the chilli crab. I took this photo so you can estimate the size of the crab with my head as comparison. LOL!

Here's my amazing wife. I love you Gabby!

What did I tell you about not having enough dinnerware? Lastly this is the Black Pepper Crab. I absolutely love this dish! The taste is amazing!!!

We'll definitely order from again when friends come over. Thanks for reading this review and check back soon for more. Byeee!

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