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The ADOR – Drop Front Shoe Box

The people behind the premium solid wood furniture store in Singapore, Masons Home Decor, have these nice shoe boxes that are durable and it's fingerprint proof. You won't have to worry about unsightly print marks! They look good when they are stacked together and you're able to view your shoes clearly.

I received 6 boxes from Masons last week and I'm already thinking of adding more to house my shoes. Measuring 29 cm (w) by 19 cm (h) with a depth of 36 cm, my Air Jordan fits perfectly in the box. That's the selling point for me. I love my kicks and anyone that's into Jordans will know that we love showing them off. So now I can do that in my living room and it makes an interesting conversation.

As of this post, the ADOR Drop Front Shoe Box retails at $13.50 after a whopping 46% discount! Each durable box has a sturdy drop down window, built-in ventilation holes to deter bacteria growth and the easy-stack feature enables you to stack multiple units on top of each other to your desired height.

My white Jordans and limited edition Converse are now protected!

Here are some photos from Masons that will give you some home decor ideas...

 I love this! It's stylish and you're able to view your shoes easily.

 Simple but it does the job.

 If you've got space under your bed, then this is perfect.

I wonder what my wife will say about this. I already have more shoes than her so this looks like something that will happen in a few years...

Purchase your ADOR – Drop Front Shoe Box by clicking this link. Also be sure to visit this link to view the premium solid wood furniture store in Singapore.

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