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Best Online Flowers Delivery Singapore

I've been using FARM Florist Singapore for a few years now. I love them! They are so good at what they do and they never fail to deliver. Another plus point is the express 60 minutes delivery option! This express delivery is useful when you forget a birthday or anniversary, you and I both know this happens more often than not.

I got my wife a beautiful lily bouquet a few days ago. It wasn't an occasion but it was more of a 'I'm thinking of you' kind of bouquet. You really don't need an occasion to let someone know that you care about them. Does this give you an idea?

 This is the bouquet I ordered for my wife Gabrielle. 

The 60 minutes same day delivery is just five dollars. That's all! For five dollars, you'll get your flowers sent ASAP. But if you want to save on that, FARM Florist offers free delivery for same day and future deliveries.

These are some of the other bouquets I like from FARM Florist Singapore...

This is the Surprise Bouquet. Price starts at $34 for a 3 stalk bouquet and comes with free delivery.

I love this because it's so colorful! The Rainbow Drizzle lasts forever because they use dried Baby's Breath and it only costs $39.00.

Here's another rose bouquet. The Daphne sells for $39.00 as well and comes with 3 fresh red roses and assorted filler and greens. You'll also get free delivery with this order.

This is sold-out at the moment but I just had to include it. Not only does FARM Florist have fresh flowers, they have these awesome terrariums like the 'My Name is Groot' potted plant. Check their website often to get this for your home!

This is one of the many terrariums that you'll find on their website. Since succulents are the in-thing now, this will make a great gift.

To order your flowers for that special someone, please visit

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