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Best Solid Wood Furniture in Singapore

I've always loved furniture that's made of solid wood. Not only do these furniture last generations, they absorb energy as well. It's for this reason I ensure that all my meeting tables in the past were made of teak wood. However I understand many people are put off by the price of expensive furniture. But think of it this way. You're only spending once on something really good that will last you a VERY long time. Every single piece of furniture my grandfather owned, is still in good condition till this day. How amazing is that?

The good folks at Masons Home Decor have a fantastic line-up of solid wood furniture. From bed frames to chest of drawers to tables, you'll find something that fits perfectly in your home. What's great is it's furniture that you can hand down to your child because Mason's solid wood furniture are made to last for generations provided you take good care of it.

Here are some of their products that I highly recommend. 

I love the dark brown wood that's used for this bed frame. This is the Naolin King Bed with 2.0m side rail that retails for $1,180.00.

Isn't this just a beauty?! The Mason Oak Chest of Drawer is made of 100% solid wood and retails for just $703.00 with the current 57% discount!

And then there is this Binder dining table that measures 1.6 meters in length. It has a sand black color frame and a grey lacquered chateau oak color top. This dining table retails for $920.00 but there is an online discount at the moment that gives you awesome savings.

Please click here to visit Mason's Home Decor to view their products. They not only have the above furniture, they have home decor and lots more cool stuff. Happy browsing!

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