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Satay by the Bay BBQ Buffet Review

Located on the beautiful grounds of Gardens by the Bay is a wonderful place to dine. It's perfect for families, couples and tourists. Best of all, Satay by the Bay is affordable!

As the name suggests, there are a good number of satay stalls at this eatery. You'll also find seafood stalls and the ever popular barbecue chicken wings.

What I love most about Satay by the Bay other than the atmosphere is the BBQ Buffet. At $25 nett per adult, you'll get the assortment of standard vegetables and a good array of meats and seafood.

The meat section has the usual chicken sausages along with mutton, chicken and beef marinated in different sauces.

Since I'm nuts about seafood, I love the fresh tiger prawns, bamboo clams, cockles, mussels, crayfish, scallops and... my all time favorite sambal squid!

Oh there is a chicken rice stall too that's part of the BBQ buffet. Strange but true! So you can eat as much chicken rice as you want. Along with that is the potong ice cream and soft drinks. So for $25 nett, that's freaking awesome!

The BBQ Buffet is open daily from 5pm to 2am. And hey, there's NO PORK and NO LARD!

Weekday (Mon to Fri)
Adult: $25 nett
Child: $14 nett

Weekend (Sat, Sun, Eve of PH & PH)
Adult: $29 nett
Child: $14 nett

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