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FlyBoyz Beach Bar Review

Just over a month ago, Adri and I visited FlyBoyz Beach Bar in Bintan, Indonesia. To be precise, FlyBoyz is located at Lagoi Bay. It's approximately 45 minutes from Singapore by ferry. Opened by veteran radio deejay Mark van Cuylenburg (better known to Singaporeans as 'The Flying Dutchman' or FD) and musician Chris Henson, FlyBoyz is an awesome three-storey rock n' roll themed establishment. They serve awesome food on the first floor, a retro bar complete with a live band on the second floor and a rooftop bar on the third.

That's Dian in red! Look out for him when you visit FlyBoyz!

Adri and I at Lagoi Bay!

Here's Adri and I as we wait for our food...

The decor on the first level...

What's a visit to any part of Indonesia without a nice cold Bintang Beer?!
As always I go berserk with Buffalo Wings. My only complaint is it wasn't spicy enough. Yes me and my spicy go a long way back...

We shared this huge handmade FlyBoyz Special pizza. 18 inches of pure goodness!

Spotted on the staircase leading up to the second floor. I can't agree more! =)

Part of the UV painted wall...

Their cocktail tables have been jazzed up with famous bands such as U2.

This screams RETRO!!!!!

The outdoor area on the second floor....

You'll get a beautiful view of the beach on the second and third floor.
The energetic band that performs at FlyBoyz!

I accepted the FlyBoyz Burger Challenge and failed! How does one finish a double patty burger in 5 minutes? For the record, a teenage Indonesia girl managed to do it. WATCH THE VIDEO AT THE END OF THIS POST! 
The home made apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. I seldom go for dessert but this was really good.

I can't recall what this is called but they made their own jelly worms! This would be super cool for Halloween!

Thank you FlyBoyz Beach Bar for the amazing hospitality. I can't wait to visit again! Crossing my fingers and toes that it'll be soon. Please visit their website at and like their Facebook Page by clicking here.

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