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The Uppercut Bar & Bistro Review

Located near Nee Soon Camp is a nice family owned restaurant called 'The Uppercut Bar & Bistro'. I first came to know about The Uppercut when we were sourcing sponsors for a GFS party. Well this family owned restaurant has seen some major changes in the kitchen. Their former Egyptian chefs are gone and in replacement are two extremely talented men from Malaysia. These men are cooking up a storm in the kitchen and are ready to impress you!

They serve Asahi and Kronenbourg 1664 on tap! Uppercut has an all-day Happy Hour promotion every Sunday! Alcoholics should rejoice!

These white wine clams are nice! They serve fresh oysters too but I didn't take a photo...

If you are craving local, be glad to know that they serve favourites like Nasi Goreng (pictured above). I hear their Mee Goreng is as good as a certain popular seafood restaurant. =)

Buffalo Wings! Y'all know that I love chicken wings so I ordered their's with a note to the chef..."EXTRA SPICY PLEASE!!!" They certainly did not disappoint! 

My brother DJ Alvin ordered the Chicken Burger. He loved it!

This is my favourite dish from Uppercut. Their Aglio Olio comes with a generous serving of fresh prawns, herbs and dried chili, I asked for extra pasta and for it to be extra spicy. Super yummos!

If you want good western dishes, drop by The Uppercut Bar & Bistro at 56 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 779086. Do note that they are closed every Tuesday and open from 2pm on Sundays. Please call 6455 0857 for reservations and visit their Facebook Page for more information.

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