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Bloated iPhone 5 Battery (Bulging Screen)

Three days ago I realized that the corner part of my iPhone 5 had popped up. It wasn't drastic but it did affect the 'home' button. Well I figured that it was wear and tear and didn't think much about it...

This is how my phone looked when I woke up this morning!

I did a search online and all the articles pointed to a bloated battery!

If my phone can look like this in a span of three days, I ain't gonna wait any longer. I can imagine the phone exploding or catching fire when I'm having a conversation. From what I read, this damage will be covered by Apple's special warranty. *am crossing my fingers*

Shall drag my flu infected body out of bed and head to the service centre at Wheelock Place. Will update later!

update: I reached the Apple authorized service centre (QCDtech) at 1.45pm. After close to two hours of waiting, my queue number finally flashed on the screen. I was told that the technicians will check my phone and to return in 45 minutes. Upon returning I received a new queue number and waited for an hour and a half. It was worth the wait! The battery problem comes under a special warranty that does not have an expiry date. They replaced my phone with a refurbished set! Thankfully I backed up my device so I didn't lose anything!


  1. nice iPhone... lol

    I rather received "Is this your photo" SMS on my Android phone than using an iPhone which have a battery cannot be self replaced.

  2. Good thing they do a one-for-one! You're definitely the first with an iPhone like that that I've seen. Learn something new; every day!

    1. I am thankful they did a 1-for-1 change. I've seen a few online when I did a search. And most of these folks had their phone changed by Apple too.

  3. I change iPhone batteries all the time, super easy.


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