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My Experience with Wavefront-guided Lasik

I suffered from myopia ever since I was in secondary school. Being the vain pot that I was then, I am still vain by the way, I avoided wearing spectacles as much as I could. This carried on well into my twenties. Needless to say, my eyesight became worse over the years. It wasn't so much an issue being short-sighted, but having bad astigmatism. My eyesight used to be horrible at night! I recall an incident last year where I was on stage and I couldn't see the audience because I left my contact lenses at home. That was truly a horrible experience but thankfully I performed well and nobody knew I could not see.

It was this incident that made me consider Lasik. After months of deliberation, I headed to Paragon Medical Centre @ Paragon. I don't know why but I was extremely nervous as I entered the clinic. I guess the thought of something altering my eyes was unnerving. But that feeling soon went away after I met their awesome staff. They were so polite and they answered all my questions.

Next, I found myself doing a bunch of eye tests. Being a bit of geek at heart, I found all their equipment cool!

The first of a few eye tests I had to do...

This machine is so cool!!

Meet Ginette! She did my eye tests.

Once the tests were done, I met my doctor and he was super nice too. It's one thing to pretend to be nice but these people were genuinely nice. That's awesome right? But as much as I wanted to have the surgery immediately, there was an issue with my eyes. There was too much pressure and the word 'glaucoma' was mentioned. I was bummed out but not for long. I was back at the clinic two weeks later and I redid two tests. I saw the kind doctor again and received outstanding news. I could do my surgery and it could be done on that day itself! Wooot!

While I couldn't get ReLEx Smile, a new bladeless, flapless, and micro incision refractive eye procedure that corrects visual problems including short-sightedness & astigmatism, because of my degree level, I was given the option of Wavefront-guided Lasik. Rather than applying a simple correction of only long/short-sightedness and astigmatism, the ophthalmologist applies a spatially varying correction, guiding the computer-controlled excimer laser with measurements from a wavefront sensor.

No more glasses!

I recall heading to the exit of Paragon for a smoke. I felt anxious! While I knew what to expect, I was still in a state of panic! How will I react when I see something approaching my eye? Will I go through pain after my surgery? How bad will the pain be? So many questions was running through my mind!

Snapped this photo minutes before my eye surgery...
Well I was worried for nothing! The surgery was painless and it was done within minutes. I still can't get over how simple it was. And no, I didn't see anything approach my eye. All I could see was a bright light.

I am thankful I had Lasik done. My eyes are almost healed and I can see perfectly. In a weird way it feels like I've been reborn. The healing process was nothing like I imagined it to be. It was painless! If you are considering getting Lasik, I hope this post helps to make up your mind. Experience freedom with Lasik! PM me if you want to find out more!


  1. I will be going to San Diego for my Lasik Eye Surgery next month. Before that am just going through some of the people's blog who have experienced Lasik. I am little afraid too on this but will try to cope up with this. All the best to you and take care.

    1. It's actually pretty easy to go through. I remember being all paranoid. While my eyesight is perfect now, I can't seem to tolerate the sun like I used to. This strobe disco light the other night was a very uncomfortable experience too.

      How was your Lasik Melissa?


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