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It's Shaving Time!

There are many reasons why men shave. It could be because of their career choice, their outlook style or maybe because of a lack of hair in an area. It's true!!! I have friends like that. A few strands on your face just looks plain out weird! It's like walking out of your house with one shoe on. It's retarded!

I'm more of the stubble kinda guy. I've always loved the rough look. You have to agree it goes with my tattooed look. If you were thinking criminal, I can't blame you. I could blame television though...

There are times when I have to be clean shaven for certain events I emcee. These are high profile events where I have to cover up my tattoos and look as clean as humanly possible. Until recently, I disliked being clean shaven because I absolutely hated shaving with a blade. My skin flares up after each shave and I end up leaving the house with red patches along my jaw and beneath my nostrils.

But now that I have the Philips AquaTouch Shaver AT890, I do not have to worry about that anymore. Somebody say “WOOOHOOOOOOOO”!!!! I love how it glides across my face and leaves a really close shave. No stubble just as smooth as a baby's bottom. Ok, my face isn't as smooth as that but it is very very nice. It's my face I can say whatever I want!

Here's an AquaTouch video from YouTube...

And hey! I made a video too. Here it is! Watch me shave!!!!

If you are thinking of getting the Philips AquaTouch Shaver AT890, it retails for S$129.00 and comes with a 2 year warranty. But if you register your shaver on the Philips website, you will get a 3 year warranty instead! How awesome is that?! You can check out the whole range of shavers here

This reminds me...I need to register my shaver. Believe it or not, nothing I own has a valid warranty. I keep forgetting to send in my warranties and by the time I remember, it's too late. Shall do that in a few minutes if I don't get distracted. Thanks for reading. Adios!

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