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Yasmin How You Know?

I thank Stephanie for introducing me to Yasmin's work. She's a phenomenal film director. I've watched so many of her television commercials and each one has blown me away. The messages she puts across leaves a lasting impression. I love her movies too. If I had to choose a favourite, Sepet would be it. I'm all too familiar with interracial relationships. Hah!

one of my favourite commercials by Yasmin...

For fans of Yasmin Ahmad, you'll be glad to know there's a memorial book that was recently launched. Yasmin How You Know? by Leo Burnett Malaysia is a collection of what friends and colleagues alike remember about the late Yasmin Ahmad. There's also a collection of her messages culled from her blog and poems.

Yasmin How You Know? is available at at Kinokuniya stores. It sells for S$26.20 and profits will go to Yasmin's favourite charity, Mercy Malaysia.

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