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Thank You Reelity TV!

Working on Reelity Showdown has been an amazing experience. It's been FUN FUN FUN! In my books, that's exactly how work is supposed to be. You've got to love what you do. I've worked through a dislocated shoulder and been badly sunburnt but I bet my bottom dollar that you won't see an inch of discomfort on my face while watching the show.

In the semi-finals which aired a few days ago, I did that shoot with a shoulder that threatened to pop out for the second time that very morning. I won't kid you. It was a bitch to shower and putting on my clothes was a nightmare. But the moment I saw the crew and contestants, the pain immediately subsided. And when we did the last take for the day, the pain came back worse than ever. It felt like someone smashed my arm with a baseball bat! No I'm not exaggerating!!!

I wasn't the only one in pain. This is Ben's bruise from the semi-finals!

I need to thank Reelity TV for giving me to opportunity to do what I truly love. Each of us has a calling. That one thing we can do that either makes us incredibly happy or makes us rich. I don't know about getting rich but I am happy. Getting paid is a huge plus point too. Y'all know what happened with the last network I was with. So yes the change in scenario rocks!!!

To Joshua, I knew from the first day we met that we would be able to work together. Reelity TV is your baby and I'm proud to be a part of it. It's funny how I didn't know you were an actor! You've starred in movies for crying out loud! From what I hear, the movies did well too. I promise I'll watch your movies soon!

To Rudy, thank you for mentioning my name when you guys were brainstorming ideas and hosts for the shows. It's comforting to know that there are people like you that believe in my work.

I can't miss out this one other bloke. His name is Fin Carew. It's been swell working with this foreign import. Or should I call him a foreign talent? Either way, he rocks!!! It's safe to assume that beers bonded us. Yup it's become a ritual to have beers after filming. I don't quite understand why you don't have a freaking beer belly! Life is indeed unfair! Anyway Fin, thank you for being an excellent producer and a kick-ass friend.

The ladies!

The contestants!

Last but not least I need to thank the contestants. What an awesome bunch of people! The energy level on location has been amazing!!  I've got to know some of them personally too. Hosting ShiGGA Shay's EP launch is one fine example. Just thinking about emceeing that gig makes me smile. And yeah his team mate @Blackalogy was there too. I always thought that Billy Berry was a geek. I was blown away when I met him. So not what I had in mind! LOL! 

Randy and Ben.
The brothers Ben and Randy are cute aren't they?! Ben is always doing something to me when the cameras are rolling. So much so I'm always wondering what's gonna happen next. We should chill out one day boys!!!

This post wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention the other contestants. There was Joshua's girlfriend Clara who is very pretty. You lucky man Joshua! There's Xavier Ong who is acting in a Channel 8 drama. Don't know what it's called but if you follow him on Twitter (@ongxavier) you'll find out for yourself. Mike from Numbnuts fame was on the show as well. While he may seem crazy to most of you, he's a real sweet guy. Our other female contestants were bubbly on and off set. You should have seen Pei Shi and Rachell Tan in the holding room. They were literally bouncing off the walls!!! And there's Yina and Zoe. I remember laughing lots during the introduction segment thanks to them. 

I can't wait for Reelity Showdown's final. Ben and Randy are up against ShiGGA and Blackalogy. These two teams will square off in the toughest challenge yet. Who will walk away champions? You don't want to miss it!

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