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Trip to Pulau Ubin

Last Thursday, I took Stephanie to Pulau Ubin. I figured she's seen enough of modern Singapore so a trip down memory lane would be ideal for her. Aside from the new street signs, Pulau Ubin looks the same as I last saw her in 1998. Do you know how amazing that is?! We're talking about Singapore here. A country that continues to evolve each and every year. Well not Pulau Ubin. Electricity on the island is provided by diesel generators and the community lives in kampung style houses.

Our day started bright and early at 7am. We had packed the night before so all we needed to do was shower, grab our bags and tent. Yes tent! We both love the outdoors so it was easy for us to decide on camping at Ubin.

Stephanie and I on the bus!

Our bumboat to Pulau Ubin.

Off we go!


All it took was a 10 minute boat ride.

If you are camping overnight on the island, be sure to register with the Police Coast Guard.

My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

After setting up our tent at Mamam Beach campsite, we explored the island...

One of the many kampung houses you'll see in Ubin.

Here's another in the Malay Village. Patriotic indeed!

 Huts like this are scattered all over the island. They are useful on hot days when you need to take a rest.

Probably can't see it but the water in this quarry is blue! Real nice!

Say cheese!

Yes I'm this long. I swear!

 Back in the old days, villagers would get their water supply from these wells. The wells have been sealed by the government because of health concerns...

 I wonder if the Orchid Farm is still in operation...

 Yes a cemetery!

 That's a grave if you couldn't tell...

 I was excited to see a wild boar! It was like coming across a tiger!

 Another picture of the boar. Would have taken more but it threatened to attack...

LOOK! A road sign!!!!

What is she looking at?!?!

 This is where I am!


She and I alone on the Chek Jawa trail...

Just to prove that we were indeed alone!

The heart of a sea coconut. Yes they have hearts. Google it!

 A deserted house. It gave me the creeps!

No I didn't get closer to the house. I zoomed in!

Instead of buying drinks from the restaurants, look out for houses that sell drinks.

But stay away if you don't like dogs. This house had at least 7 dogs!

 This picture says it all. Our shadows...

My shoes. I love my shoes!

Our dinner. Tuna, bake beans, bread and lots of water.

 Sunset at Mamam Beach Campsite.

 Fences along Mamam Beach to keep illegal immigrants out. Beats the barbwire barricades at Noordin Beach. You'll wake up thinking you're in a refugee camp.

If I were a smurf, I'll look something like this...

 When I was in the army, I took lots of powder baths just to keep cool. As you can see, I took one at the campsite.

The next morning...

Who doesn't love a beautiful sunrise...

We ate breakfast (leftovers actually), showered with lots of bottles of water and headed for the jetty...

One last picture of these two camwhores before boarding the bumboat.

Adios Pulau Ubin!
Total amount spent?

Bus 163 to Toa Payoh: S$1.50 x 2 = S$3.00
Bus 59 to Changi Village: $2.10 x 2 = S$4.20
Bumboat to Ubin from Changi Point Ferry Terminal: S$2.50 x 2 = S$5.00
Salted Fish Fried Rice at one of the coffeeshops: S$6.00 for a large plate
4 large bottles of mineral water: S$6.00
Canned food and a loaf of bread: S$7.50

Total: S$31.70

Of course owning a tent meant we didn't have to spend on accommodation. If you don't own a tent or can't loan one from friends, you could stay at the Celestial Resort. The cheapest room goes for S$124.00 a night. That's decent right?

In the next few days, I'll blog about our experiences at the campsite. I knew Ubin had it's fair share of ghost stories but I figured the Mamam Beach campsite would be ok. Boy was I wrong! Well look out for that post soon!

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  1. Could you leave your tents pitched at mamam and go about touring ubin? Didnt you worry about leaving your tent alone?


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