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Singapore Armed Forces Pledge and Singapore Flag Tattoo

A friend of mine sent this via email last night. He was amused some guy would get the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) pledge tattooed on his back. Ya know, I ain't gonna judge this guy. He obviously loves the SAF and that's cool!

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I see a submarine in the tattoo so I'm assuming he's from the navy? I think this man deserves a promotion!

The Singapore Armed Forces pledge: 

We, Members of the Singapore Armed Forces
do solemnly and sincerely pledge that:
We will always bear true faith and allegiance to the President and the Republic of Singapore;
We will always support and defend the Constitution;
We will preserve and protect the honour and independence of our country with our lives.


  1. Singapore is a great country, I wouldn't blame him for having this tattoo just some added patriotism.

  2. You're right! Singapore is a great country!


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