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The Story of Allison W. Gryphon - Breast Cancer Battle

On April 10th 2011, novelist and filmmaker Allison W. Gryphon found a lump in her breast. One can only imagine what went through her mind at that very second and the seconds that followed. Little did she know, the fight for her life began at that very moment.

After being dignosed with stage III breast cancer, Allison has had three surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy and thirty days of radiation treatment. The outcome? This brave woman who certainly doesn't have the word 'quit' in her dictionary, won the battle! Congratulations Allison!!!!!

To celebrate her recovery and the wonderful changes that cancer has brought into her life, Allison is getting inked at Zulu Tattoo in Los Angeles. Her vision of an angel wing, butterfly wing and the power of water will be incorporated in one design. This tattoo is not meant to cover her scar but to help her celebrate the change that it represents. I'm sure she can't wait for her appointment on June 9th!

Allison's amazing story is a positive message for everyone. I truly admire this woman. It spoke volumes when she remarked that cancer was the best thing to happen to her. We all face problems in our lives at some point or another. Some more than others. In reality, are our problems as bad as the battle she faced? I highly doubt so...

Good news is Allison is producing and directing a raw and hopeful look into the modern day cancer battle titled "What the F@#- is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It?". It will feature an interview with Zulu, owner of Zulu Tattoo, about his advocacy and work with cancer fighters.

For more information on Allison W. Gryphon, please visit the web links below...

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