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Apps on my iPhone

It's one of those days where I don't know what to blog about. I was looking at my phone and it hit me! I'll just list the apps I have. The apps with ** are the ones I use most often. Here we go...

1) Whatsapp **
2) Waze ** (GPS navigator)
3) Formspring
4) Foursquare
5) URL Shortener
6) Instagram
7) Path
8) Facebook
9) Echofon for Twitter **
10) Pixlromatic ** (great for editing pics)
11) Skype ** (I talk to my gf everyday thanks to Skype)
12)  AsiaOne
13) BBC News **
14) CNN International
15) the New Paper Football Kaki
16) Mediacorp MeRadio
17) Police@SG
18) Viber
19) Dropbox ** (online storage)
20) Shazam (great when I don't know a song title)
21) Star Rover (great if you love astronomy)
22) iKamasutra (ahem!)
23) MySentosa
24) MyTown 2 ** (I love this game!!!!!)

This is my town. It's called Noel Boyd's Town. Duh!!

25) Tap Zoo 2
26) Zuma HD
27) miCoach ** (I lost weight thanks to this app) 
28) WavePad ** (I use it for my voiceovers)
29) Snapbucket (another cool picture app)
30) Action Movie (great effects for videos)
31) 9GAG Reader
32) Pair **

Pair is the latest app on my phone. It's perfect for couples! As the name suggests, you'll need to pair the app with another person. Share pictures, videos, messages, scribbles and let your partner know you're thinking about him or her with a touch of a button. It simple but I love it!

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