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The Singapore Sex Scandal & Identity of the Underage Prostitute.

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Has there been a sex scandal bigger than this one in Singapore? I highly doubt so. Yes we've seen our fair share of celebrities having affairs but nothing quite like this. To date, 48 men have been charged and it's estimated that 80 men were called up by authorities last year to assist in investigations. These inlcude a former school principal, teacher, military officers and finance industry professionals.

I actually feel for the 48 men that have been charged with having paid sex with a person under 18. For what it's worth, none of them had a clue she was underage. How would they when she was advertised as being 18 years old on the pimp's website. Think about it. Would influential men in our society risk everything they have for an hour's worth of fun under the sheets? 

What's messed is how the Singapore media has been tearing some of the guys apart. Ok maybe I'm biased due to the fact I know one of the men involved. But I can confidently say this...  I'm positive he didn't know she was an underage hooker. While I don't condone prostitution on any level, at least he and the other men didn't rape a helpless girl.  

It is unfair that the girl has not and will probably never be named. From what I understand she is 18 this year, so doesn't that make her legal?! And this isn't a case where she was tricked into coming to Singapore only to end up as a prostitute. She is a Singaporean and I'm darn sure she had her motives for selling her body. It doesn't really matter if she did it to buy branded goods or to feed a starving family.

While I can't tell you who this girl is, yes the court gag order includes us bloggers, you can find out who she is by doing the following.

1)  Google "underage prostitute Singapore"
2) Click on the gutteruncensorednewsd link.

In that post alone, I saw pictures of two girls whom I've met while either attending or hosting events. Never would I have thought either of them were prostitutes. But I'm sure they have their reasons for doing what they do. I'm hoping it isn't because "I want that LV bag"!

There are two lessons to be learnt from this saga. Don't believe everything you read or hear. If any of the men had verified her age with her identity card, they would have known she was underage. Second lesson would be to keep your dick in your pants! More so if you have a girlfriend, spouse or worse still, CHILDREN!

What are your thoughts?


  1. Women should give in to their men, if not, bite their lip when their husbands/boyfriends look for it elsewhere. Its a modern world and women should stop acting like uptight prudes whereas back in the day men respected their women a lot more than to bring back tedious diseases. Sad thing is, greed plays a huge factor and in this case, men who go out searching and paying for "underaged" girls to sleep with them most probably have a low esteem anyway. The girl sold herself and within that context, she put on a show that she was above the legal age, so why not? Prostitution may be illegal in most countries but it can never be curbed, like piracy! I, on the other hand, dont understand why a scandal like this should even be published. It ridicules big shots, reputable men and in turn destroys families! Then again, I'm not the one earning money from it either.......

    1. For a lady to say that, all I can is WOW. Would have expected that from a guy. I doubt these guys knew she was underage. After all, the pimp's website did state that she was 18. That was obviously a big fat lie.

      I think they are using this case to teach everyone a lesson. Not just the men and others involved but the country as a whole. It sure has got everyone talking so if that is the intention then the authorities have done well.

  2. Thanks for the direction to find out how t char bo looks like.

  3. should have mentioned that its not just uncensored news but uncensored pictures tooo.......

  4. I pity the guys too so can't say I'm bias ahha. They paid for the service which I think it's right that they get served, put aside whether they cheat on their wives or not. I think the girl deserves a punishment or sorts for her faking her age.

    I'm not so sure about the other girls. I'm secretly hoping that it was the pimp going around the web and pulling their pictures in. Even if otherwise, It's their body.. it's their say man.

    1. Exactly! It's weird how she may not be charged! All the men should get a refund and they should sue the pimp!


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