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WARNING! It's Addictive!

I hardly ever get addicted to games. Other than MyTown 2, I don't play that many games on the iPhone or iPad. With yesterday being a lazy Sunday, I downloaded 'Draw Something'. I got the girlfriend to download it too.

After playing for half an hour, I tweeted that I downloaded the game and if anyone has Draw Something, they can add me at noelboyd. I now have countless games. The list is so damn long that I don't know who to play with first! So if you are waiting for me to play my turn, I apologize for the delay and I will get to you soon!

For those of you that don't know what Draw Something is, I'll explain it real quick. As the name suggests, you have to draw something. I bet you knew that! Hahaha! You can't just draw anything you damn please mind you. You're given three words to choose from and once you have chosen the words, you'll draw it out for your friend. Your friend will then have to guess whatever you drew.

The cool thing is you'll be able to watch the playback of your friend's drawing. Some folks are funny to watch. You'll see them draw a line, they'll erase it and then draw another line only for them to erase it again. You can even be a complete arse in this game by simply drawing a line. Yup a freaking line! That's exactly what I did to Serene last night. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some screenshots from last night...

This girl Rach Tang rocks! Love her drawings!!

Danial's version of Changi Airport...

Hafiz forgot to draw an arrow and I was supposed to guess 'eyebrow'...

Pixie, I call her Pickles, is hilarious! Her drawings are as cute as she is...

Joline is cute too...

I drew this Mohawk and I'm damn proud of it!

Decided to be an ass and draw Finland using a shark and an island!

Me peacock!

And this is my caveman!

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