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On the 13th of January, I did a photo shoot with the talented Amanda Wong. I first met Amanda last year at the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards in Kuala Lumpur. Amanda's blog, Beautifuladieu, was a finalist in the 'Hidden Gem' category.

The photo shoot was fun and I loved the direction she took. You'll see the bad boy look in some of the pictures. And then there are some pictures where I'm smiling. No make up was used in the either. That's natural beauty right there folks! Hahahahahaha...

Here are some photos from the shoot...

If you want to view more pictures, you do so by clicking here. If you are a blogger, talent, model or shamelessly vain by nature and want an AWESOME photo shoot, choose Amanda! Visit her blog for more information!

Have a good weekend and god bless!


  1. so awesome! thanks for the feature/advertising hehehe <3

    1. You're welcome babes! You totally deserve all the promo!!

  2. Baby, I am so happy to see your photo shoot pictures come out the way you wanted it to, there isn't a single bad shot in the roll and not to mention you are looking absolutely hot! (I am not saying it just cause I'm your girlfriend, mind you)

    I love how the pictures look like they are telling a story, some of the pics elude your wild bad boy side and some show how you are just a gentle giant! My favourite one has got to be the black and white shots, it oozes hotness!!

    Amanda, you did a great job with the photos and I am enjoying them thoroughly!

    1. Thank you Steph! :) I like the "big bad boy and gentle giant" description! :p

    2. Baby! I love the pics. It's exactly how I envisioned the pics to be. It's not everyday a photographer is on the same page.

      The awesome thing about Amanda is that she studies her models and she brings out the best in them. It was a nice chilled out shoot.

      I am in love with the black and white shots. WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!


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