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Mee Goreng Melayu

A few nights ago, I had cravings for mee goreng. Not the Indian style mee goreng but mee goreng Melayu. That's fried noodles done the Malay way. So I searched online for recipes and ended up at this blog called 3 Hungry Tummies.

I read through their recipe and after reading the comments by readers, I decided to give it a try. The recipe was simple enough. I had most of the ingredients at home other than the noodles and bean sprouts. For those of you that don't know how to cook, this WOULD BE the dish to start you out. If you fail, try again and again. If after the third attempt you fail yet again, smack yourself on the head with the heavist wok you can find!

This is the mee goreng I made! I'm not tooting my own horn when I say I love it! My folks loved it too. My dad had two generous servings. He doesn't eat much these days so that says a lot! The only change I made to the receipe was substituting prawns with fish cake. Just didn't feel like having prawns that night.

I won't post the recipe here as that would be rude. If you want the recipe, please click here to head to their blog. You'll find other awesome Asian recipes too! They are the bomb!!!


  1. hey dude!!! its been awhile since u post anything abt ur cooking. so now u're making me hungry. thanks eh. hehe

    1. It's been such a long time since you posted a comment. Hope all is well with you. I'll do my best to do more posts when I cook. Been playing around with the idea of doing bite sized cooking videos on Youtube. Might be fun...


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