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Google's Bermuda Triangle

I've been up for more than 24 hours trying to solve this damn problem of 'missing images'. All through my blog, you'll find posts with black boxes containing a triangle and an exclamation mark. We're talking close to a thousand images that are now black boxes.

This blog is hosted by and when bloggers like me attach images in our post, these images are hosted by Picasa Web Albums. Both Picasa and Blogger belongs to Google. Two nights ago, all my images mysteriously disappeared. Neither they nor I know where the heck these images have gone to. One thing for sure, I didn't do jack shit!

I've decided to call this the Google Triangle. It's like the Bermuda Triangle where stuff goes missing and nobody has a logical answer. Here's Google Triangle.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App

If you like what you see, go ahead and browse my blog. You'll see lots more. It's like a triangle fuck fest!

I said a prayer earlier. I told god that the reason why I didn't make it to Sunday mass was because I needed to work on my blog. If he's unhappy that I didn't go to church, he just needs to look for the right people. Yup, those people!

Alright...I need my sleep. I'll wake up later and manually edit the image URL's for lots more posts. Have a triangular day people!


  1. God, you're a hoot. A Thousand pictures! I'd have a stroke. How did that work out for you? Did you find out what the cause of the missing pics was? Was it Picassa? Did you have to re-upload all those Pics (shudder). I just found that some of my pics are missing off one of my blog posts, yet the same pics on a different blog (and uploaded the same way--directly to Blogger) are still viewable. I'm really getting frustrated with Google/Blogger and their stupid, annoying changes (mainly the infamous stationary header that eats up my window space when the browser is lowered to half position so I can view a video at the top). Glad you posted so at least I know I'm not the only one encountering the triangle infestation.

    Sweet Little Angel

    1. Well I almost had a heart attack!!! I still don't know what the cause. The fellas from the Google forum have been ignoring me. I've re-uploaded some of the images but that's about all I can do. Most of the images were stored on my laptop but the hard disk died a few months ago. So yes, I'm SCREWED!

  2. Hey noel.. all the black boxes warning could be highly due to your sign up with google plus. Because they share the same picasa album. If in google plus you changed the setting of the photo album to be private.. only circle of friends can see then i think that shld b the cause of the problem.

    1. I signed up with Google Plus some time ago but that was with a different email address. I don't remember doing so with the email account associated with this blog. When I look at the Picasa album now, I don't see any images. It's all gone!!!

      So if the album is set to private, I should still be able to see them when I'm signed in right?

    2. ya u should be able to leh.. hmm actually now that u're blog is hosted.. y don't use ur own host space? won't have such problems abt losing ur images man

    3. I don't see jackshit! I'm paying for Photo Bucket services now. Reckon that's the easiest.


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