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Dead Bodies in Singapore On The Rise

What's happening Singapore?! This garden city has seen dead bodies popping up all over the island! It's just madness if you ask me. One can be forgiven for associating the recent months with a script for Jerry Bruckheimer's Crime Scene Investigation!

Here are some of the them...

January 15: The body of a man with his fists clenched is found in Kallang River.

February 15: Ms Loh Nyuk Moi, 50, was found lying in a pool of blood in her vacant flat with four stab wounds. Lim Wee Thong has been charged with murder.

April 16: The badly decomposed body of Dylan Wong Teck Siong, 28, was found in a luggage bag floating in the sea near Sentosa. Teo Boon Leng, director of SCA Creative Group, has been charged with murder. The two men are believed to have been lovers.

May 16: A female corpse of an Indonesia maid was found in a rooftop tank of Block 686B, Woodlands Street 73. Over 700 residents of this block depended on water from that tank. A Bangladesh worker has been charged with murder.

June 4: The body of a 64-year-old Chinese man was found in a park at Ang Mo Kio. An 18-year-old Indian teenager was later arrested and charged with murder. Turns out he was the person that called the police to alert them about the crime.

June 20: The lower half of Chinese national Lin Xiao's body was found at Bedok Reservoir. Chinese national Lin Xiao, 23, went missing on April 28. As of this blog post, the upper half of the man is still missing!

June 22: The body of Mr Lim Ong Sai, 83, was found in Punggol River near Sengkang West. Investigations are underway...

July 1: The body of a Chinese woman was found floating in the Singapore River under the Helix Bridge.

July 2: A 21 year old Singaporean woman was found dead in a room on the fifth floor of Min Wah Hotel along Lorong 22 Geylang. 

July 2: Skeletal remains are found next to Tanah Merah MRT station. The fully decomposed body remains unidentified. A piece of rope was found hanging nearby along with an old mobile phone and some money.

July 3: The body of Mr Radin Bahrom Radin Mohd Din, 38, was found in waters off Harbourfront Walk in front of VivoCity.

July 5: The highly decomposed body of property agent Celine Ng was found in a forested area off Clementi Road. Her housemate Ang Soo Hoon will be charged with murder.

July 12: A Chinese man in his 50's was found floating at Serangoon Reservoir.

Suicide cases seem to be on the rise too. In April, a man attempted suicide at Sembawang MRT and 1,500 passengers were affected by this selfish act. Then there was a woman from China that threatened to set herself on fire outside the Istana. The Istana guards called the cops and she was arrested. The attempted suicide case that made me go "OH MY GOD" was the NTU student from China that was found with a knife still embedded in her head!!! When medics arrived, they found blood streaming down her face, but her eyes remained open and she was still conscious. OMG!

I can't help but wonder if the casinos in Singapore are to be blamed. I don't care how many plus points one may claim a casino brings to the table but I think it harms society on the whole. I've heard of Singaporeans losing every cent of their hard earned money at the Integrated Resorts. For those of us that don't gamble, it's easy to say "Know When To Stop". If it was indeed that bloody easy, the casinos wouldn't be making this much money.

Besides blaming the casinos, STRESS is the next culprit to look at. Singaporeans are under a whole lot of stress. Tell me which one of us isn't living a stressed up life? In an ideal world, we want to be able to afford a house, own a car, give our children the best life and at the end of the day, have savings to do the things we want to do. Having a flat alone is a killer! I'll like to add that it isn't right that our children are incredibly stressed up in school. They are supposed to be enjoying their childhood and teenage years. As a person that loves this country, I hope to god the government addresses the situation soon.

What are your thoughts Singapore?


  1. OMG! That's horrific! I totally agree that stress is a major cause of this. When I found out that our friend's kids who's only in pr 2 get less than 8 hours sleep because of school commitments, I was mortified! Makes me grateful for the fact that I live in Oz and my girls get to enjoy being CHILDREN. Mind you, we have our fair share of stress too. Housing here is expensive but I think the pressure to keep up in SIngapore is so much more apparent.
    The govt should seriously address this. I absolutely love S'pore but it's so sad to hear about this. Do the politicians see this as a real problem? Or is it an issue swept under the carpet?
    You and Ann are doing an excellent job with Dray BTW. Now come here already!

  2. wife and I were just discussing about moving to either New Zealand or Australia. We don't have children of our own but we have seen up-close, courtesy of friends and family, how stressful life can be for children in Singapore. I would not want my little ones to lead that kind of lifestyle.

    As for the recent rise in crime rate, the PAP has to look in the mirror and ask themselves where have they gone wrong. Life here is very expensive and it'll keep on getting worse. Just the other day, there was talk of raising bus fares. It is unfair to Singaporeans when these companies made a profit of $200 million last year. Yes the government needs to make money but to do so at the expense of your own people, that is just disgusting and rude.

  3. Other countries also have stress not just Singapore

  4. You know, when I first came to Australia to study, I couldn't help but notice how different the Singaporean students were from the Aussie students.

    Let's take the scenario of getting assignments on a Monday morning which are due the next Monday.

    Typical Singaporean student: Will read the assignment upon receiving, analyse during next free period, get to the library asap to get the important readings to photocopy so that they can highlight/add notes as required. Assignment will be done by Friday. At the very latest.

    Typical Aussie student: Will only start researching at the end of the week - won't photocopy readings but will read the book in the library. At the earliest, will start assignment 24 hours prior to due date.

    And private tuition? Unheard of here!!

  5. Jude: That's just ain't right! I pity the kids in Singapore are going through this. I don't care! My son will get his 8 hours of sleep no matter what. I love the lifestyle the kids in Oz lead. You don't know how much I wanna raise Drayden in Australia. But I love this country too much to leave.

    I have no idea what the politicians see. I'm sure they hear about the problems but it's about damn time they do something to help the people!

    RickyMan: Well you ain't the only one buddy. Lots of Singaporeans are moving. I honestly think the PAP knows about the problems Singaporeans are facing. But very little is being done for the people. I voted for them in good faith that they'll fix the problems and do what's right for their people.

    Regarding the bus fares, I totally get where you are coming from. It doesn't make sense and someone's ass needs to be kicked!

    Anonymous: That's obvious ain't it genius?!!

    Nadie: Hahaha! Is that how it's like? That sounds like me when I was in school. I was the most slack fella. I think I would have fit perfectly in Australia!


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