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Where can I find FREE tattoo designs?

Ever since the internet came along, it's a whole lot easier to find FREE tattoo designs. These designs are called 'FLASH' in the tattoo world. If you didn't know that, you've learnt something new! 

Before we get to the hyperlinks, here's an advice. If you do indeed find a design you absolutely love, you may want to get your artist to modify it. Why? God only knows how many other people have tattooed that same design. On a worldwide scale, we're talking hundreds if not thousands of people!

Here are two websites that offers excellent tattoo flash for free! Don't worry, you won't need to sign up for B.S memberships or take a short survey. These sites are as authentic as they come!

The following guys aren't free but I thought I'll add them to this post since they have the largest collection of designs in the world! Visit!

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