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Midlife Crisis

Yup, this blog has got a whole new look! Tell me you love it!!! If you don't, too freaking bad cos I'm lovin' it! *cue McDonald's theme song* Heh! With the new blogger interface, it was real easy to change the template and I got rid of some useless widgets. I think the new look is a lot easier on the eyes and having just one sidebar is less of a mess don't you think?

Let's talk about the title of this post for a bit. My wife joked about it the other day but I think she's right. I am going through a midlife crisis. No shame in admitting that. I woke up the day after I turned 32 and started questioning every damn thing in my life. I'm not happy with the direction my life is heading. I told myself I want to make millions years ago but heck, I'm far from it! To sum things up, I'm unhappy about everything!

I googled Midlife Crisis and I found the following symptoms:

Loss of libido (sex drive)
Erectile dysfunction (impotence)
Depression, charactised by low moods and (often apparently unaccountable) feelings of sadness and lethargy. At least one study has suggested that those undergoing mid-life difficulties may be distinguished from other men affected by depression by their sense of urgency. Such men are driven to keep on being active, sometimes even more active than they were before the crisis.

Well, I've got four out of the five symptoms! Instead of going "oh fuck" and "I hate this mundane life", I'm gonna change things. Changing the layout of my blog was the first step. My list of things to do include exercising regularly, taking better care of myself, smiling and laughing more and of course, making my million bucks! Noel Boyd is a fighter and I will get through this. Amen!

Good lord! It took me two hours to get to this paragraph. Never took this long to write anything in my life. LOL! I blame that damn Christmas song by Mariah Carey! Since 10 in the morning, the lovely people at James Cook University have had "All I Want For Chistmas" blasting at their annual funfair. I'm guessing someone there loves that song! While Mrs Carey has a nice voice and even lovelier breasts, the damn song gets irritating after awhile! Anyhow, I plan on bringing my son to the funfair later. It's not everyday we get something like this in quiet Upper Thomson. 

I've got to end this post. The image of Mariah's boobs is stuck in my head. Enjoy your weekend folks! It's good to be back!

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