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Watch The Walking Dead Online

I know there are lots of bogus websites on the net that claim you can watch TV shows online. But when you get to their website, you either have to take a survey, download some dumb video player or worse still, the website or blog doesn't even have the show title that you clicked on!!!

Not to worry, this isn't one of those blogs! My wife and I watched all 6 episodes of The Walking Dead on this cool website. The nice person that runs the webby doesn't charge a dime and the episodes are uploaded really fast!

Here's the link...


  1. Thanks for sharing bro! i wish to watch this movie for along time alr, but i dont have time.

  2. @ New Motorcycle: Thank you! =)

    @ chuan: You're welcome Chuan! Since it's online, you can now watch it anytime!

    @ Yochai: You're welcome! I can't wait for Season 2!!!


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