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Singapore Paranormal Investigation - former CID Headquarters

I want to start off this post by thanking I.Z from R3load Network and the Singapore Paranormal Investigation team for the hospitality they showed during the past two days of filming. For those not in the loop, I was invited to be a guest investigator on their show SPI TV (watch part 1 by clicking here). Boy what a hair raising experience it turned out to be!

We filmed on Sunday through the early hours of Monday morning and again on Friday night. The star in this SPI TV episode is the former CID Headquarters building along Eu Tong Sen Street. She's a complete beauty in her own right. I reckon it's the most peaceful place in Chinatown. She's loaded with history too! Once upon a time, she housed some of the most notorious criminals in Singapore.

The other star in the upcoming SPI TV episode is the Isolation Cell. It's a little prison cell thats covered with green padding. Based on a conversation I had with a friend that spent time behind those bars in the 90's, that cell was used by the cops to breakdown the most hardcore criminals. From what I hear, the cops didn't have to do anything other than throw someone into that cell. The unseen residents would do the dirty work. I should add that once you are locked up in the Isolation Cell, its so damn dark that you can't see your own fingers. How do I know that? I spent 30 odd minutes alone in this cell!

Isolation Cell
I need to stress that nothing was faked or exaggerated during the entire duration of filming. I would be the last person on earth that would do something that stupid. Yes I am an entertainer but this place didn't need us to do anything of the sort. The thing that impressed me the most about the SPI is their professionalism. I used to think these guys were loony blokes running all over Singapore looking for ghosts. LOL! I certainly don't think that anymore!!!

My conclusion? The CID Headquarters does have paranormal activity scattered all over the building. The investigation has been an eye-opener and I'm blessed to have been a part of it

* more pictures are on my Facebook page! Click here to view them!

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