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Changi Hospital at Night

Last Saturday night we paid Old Changi Hospital (OCH) an impromptu visit. Good thing I had my camera and tripod with me!!! I reckon Haunted Changi has got Singaporeans crazy about the place again because we saw a good number of people checking out the deserted hospital.

If you plan on checking out OCH, I have some bad news for you. OCH doesn't look anything like she used to be. She's been given a fresh coat of paint so there's no more graffiti. The main building has a fence that prevents you from going anywhere near it. Also, new doors have been installed. If that's not enough, there are CCTV cameras installed at every possible corner.

Because of this closeup shot I wanted to get, I jumped the barrier and within ten minutes, the cops showed up! So if you do plan on exploring the building, GOOD LUCK!

Haunted Changi - The Movie had nothing to do with the extra security the grand old dame is getting. The government wants to lease the land out to potential tenants and the new measures keep the vandals out. Last I heard OCH was supposed to become a spa but the tenants backed out at the last minutes. Now who the heck would want to get a massage knowing a ghost might just be around the corner??

Couldn't get a good shot of the main building thanks to the fence...

All it took was the brake lights of my friend's car to get this red glow effect...



  2. @Anonymous - 403 Forbidden - This file removed due to violation of ImageShack Terms of Service!!! Uh oh! lol


  4. the last pic, wont it be easier to add in a red filter rather than using a rear brake light?

  5. Hi Harold! The brake light wasn't planned. My friend stopped the car because I wanted to get a pic of that building and that's how the building turned red...


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