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Young Lions and Beijing Guoan mass BRAWL in the S.League

I finally watched the brawl between our Young Lions and Beijing Guoan in the S.League. The video left me totally speechless! If you have not watched the video, here it is...

Like many Singaporeans I've spoken to, I'm all for Beijing Guoan to get the boot! Yes, kick them out of the S.League. I've heard lots about their dirty tactics and this match against the Young Lions is testament that this lot of junk from China need to pack up and leave!

As for our fellow young Singaporeans that got involved in the brawl, I don't know what advise to give. I'm sure their coaches V. Sundramoorthy and T. Pathmanathan have given them a tongue lashing. I just hope none of the players will be on a receiving end of a lengthy ban from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS). Our boys were provoked and abused on the pitch and they had every reason to react the way they did. Some may slam me for saying this but I could care less, I am PROUD of the way our players reacted. They showed they aren't pushovers!!!

In all honesty, I had a terrible discipline record when I was playing active football. I think a lot of it had to do with the close bond I had with my teammates. The thing is, I was never a dirty player and played to the best I could. Most of my red cards were from punches I threw after a late or reckless tackle on myself or my teammates. And if there was a dirty player on the pitch, I would boot the fella in the chest the first chance I got. Being a goalkeeper, it made it easier to sneak in an elbow to the head as well.

I'm not saying it's right to punch, kick and elbow someone on the field or anywhere else for that matter. But sometimes it just needs to be done. I can't explain it in words but that's how it works in my world.

What are your thoughts about the brawl between the Young Lions and Beijing Guoan?


  1. My experience of this video is awesome. Any football lover loves to see your video...

  2. C'mon if it was a soccer fight in europe there would have been blood everywhere. I bet those cleats must hurt though.


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