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The perfect Steak recipe!

You guys know how much I love steaks right? Well last week, I took it upon myself to cook up a storm in the kitchen and reward myself with a good old juicy steak. The only problem I faced was the sad fact that the last time I tried grilling a steak, it turned out over-cooked! Man, it tasted worse than that and I remember being in a bad mood all night.

If you don't know me well enough, I want you to know that I can cook. I cook all the time and I don't mean instant noodles. Hell no!!! I can cook Chinese, Italian and Western. To put it simply, I LOVE COOKING!

Alright, on to the steak I grilled last week. I searched through a few recipes online and I found one at that was interesting. The author, Jaden Hair, cleverly titled the post How to Turn Cheap “Choice” Steak into Gucci “Prime” Steak. Doesn't that just make you want to read on??!

Anyhow, Jaden's secret to a to-die-for steak is to prep the steak with either Kosher or sea salt. In fact, the author recommends that the steak be massively covered with salt. To the point where you don't see the red. Before you go "Huh What What Huh????", read the next sentence! After you are done preparing that yummy piece of raw meat, you are strongly advised to wash off the salt. If you don't, you'll be eating a cow that was bred in the red sea!!!

If you love steaks as much as I do, please give this receipe a go. It's got my stamp of approval for sure! Here's how my steak turned out...

Well folks, I got this mouth watering Australian cut ribeye from NTUC Thomson Plaza for S$7.00 and along with the potatoes, brussel sprouts and asparagus, it came up to S$12.00. That my friends is the best twelve bucks I've spent in a long time!


  1. and i'll have y'all know this was the best steak i've had!!!
    my husband is a MEAN chef! =)
    i'm amazed i havent put on 50kilos by now.

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout Noel! Glad you enjoyed the steak.

  3. wah after that post, you really went to cook your steak huh my turn to get hungry for steak....thanks ya bro..haha

  4. Hi Jaden! You're most welcome. You've got a fantastic website and I wanna get your book soon. Hopefully in the next month or so,

    Keep up the good work and keep smiling =)

  5. Thanks Cindy. Gonna try this recipe?

  6. Hahahahaha! Go on and cook yourself a steak brotha!


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