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Longest Chocolate Swiss Roll in Singapore!

On the 10th of July, Singapore's longest chocolate Swiss roll was created at City Square Mall. Chef Judy and her team from Creative Culinaire The School made this humongous 53.8 metres Swiss Roll using 20 kg of cake flour, 20 kg of sugar, 1,000 eggs and for the coating, 50 kg of yummy premium dark couverture chocolate was used.

The Swiss rolls were sold out under three hours and over S$4,640 was raised for the Children's Cancer Foundation! That's just awesome! This event was organised jointly by City Square Mall, Revival Events Management, Creative Culinaire The School and supported by Royals Cafe who sponsored the ingredients.

Chef Judy Koh adding the final touches...

Singapore's Longest Chocolate Swiss Roll at 53.8 metres long

The team.
(images courtesy of City Square Mall)

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