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The Last Tiger Winner's Party

Last week I attended the The Last Tiger Winner's Party at this new joint called Beer Market. If I could sum up the evening I had with a sentence, it would go something like this. "I woke up with one heck of a hangover after a fantastic night thanks to Tiger Beer!" In fact, I ended up sleeping somewhere else rather than coming home. Hah!

Ok besides the beer, there was this HUGE television screen (I say huge because it's way bigger than the TV I have at home) where one could play FIFA 2010 in 3D. Playing my favourite console game in 3D is mind blowing!! I wish I had taken a picture of myself trashing Rasied in truly glory but it is virtually impossible to play FIFA and take a picture at the same time!

Here is the lucky winner that won an all-expenses paid trip to Manchester United. To top that off, he'll get a once in a lifetime chance to kick around with Wayne Rooney!

Now for more images from the event...

I would like to thank Tiger Beer and Bates 141 for having yours truly at The Last Tiger Winner's Party. Till we meet again!

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