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10 things I want to do before I die!

10. Learn to play the saxophone - It's the sexist instrument in the market! It's been ten years since I wanted to learn so I NEED to do this soon!!!

9. Skydive - I don't care if I'm strapped to a skydiver. I just want to jump out of a plane. The adrenaline rush would be insanely awesome!

8. Write a book - I know I want to write a book but I don't know what the book will be about. Any ideas?

7. Open an outdoor bar & grill restaurant - It's been my lifelong dream to own a family themed outdoor bar & grill that serves great food. I'll probably do this when I'm in my fifties...

6. Tattoo my back - As weird as this sounds, my back is tattoo free! I've had offers to tattoo my back for free from a few artists but I've politely declined these kind folks. If I can save up enough money, I'll travel to Samoa and get my back done the Samoan way where one goes through a ritual and gets tattooed a few days in a row till it's completed. It sounds extreme but there's so much history to it. If that doesn't happen, I'll get my back done in Singapore.

5. Work with Gurmit Singh - Oh man, I love this guy! I would consider it the highest honour to host alongside Gurmit. Well, this is a dream rather than a target or goal. Oh well...

4. Attend a Bon Jovi concert - I doubt they'll perform in Singapore again so this means I would have to travel overseas to watch them LIVE. But, It would be money well spent. Hell yeah!

3. Win a blog award - It isn't necessary but it'll be real sweet!!! After all, it would be nice to get some recognition for the work I've put into this blog!

2. Host another internet show - It doesn't have to be about tattoos. A lifestyle show would be great. Are you listening!

1. Watch my son grow up! - I want to watch Drayden grow up to be the man he wants to be. He doesn't have to be a doctor, scientist or pilot. That just isn't important. Not to me at least. I just want him to see him smiling 19 years from now...


  1. but but but...he needs to be Doctor Dray!
    thats the reason we call him Dray in the first place!

  2. I think your book should be about tattoos and other body mods including extreme ones (with special focus on the local body mod scene)... That's because when you think Noel Boyd, you think tattoos!

  3. Hi Lynn. Thanks for leaving the comment.

    That sounds like an awesome idea. I have something in mind that I reckon could work. It may take awhile but it'll be done someday. Hopefully soon!!!

    Do people really think tattoos when they think of me? If that's true, I'm a happy man!


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