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Floods in Singapore!

The first question on my mind is "how many more floods are we gonna have in Singapore??!". It's weird that we call ourselves a modern country and yet for the past two months, floods have hogged the front pages of every local newspaper! Maybe we should change the theme of the upcoming National Day Parade to 'Wet & Wild Singapore'.

I have friends that woke up to a flooded house last Saturday. They lost speakers, turntables and other musical instruments. Who the hell is gonna compensate them?!

Yesterday, a tree fell on a car along Thomson Hills Drive. Unfortunately, the driver of the car was killed by the uprooted tree. Another tree fell along Upper Thomson Road and blocked all three lanes. With these incidents happening so close to my house, I can't help but wonder if it will happen again. What if one of these old trees fall on one of our houses?! I live near a nature reserve and we are surrounded by trees!!!

I saw this picture on (article on the fallen tree). Can someone please tell me why the SCDF officer on the left has a smile on his face? He and his colleagues are carrying the body of the man that died because of the fallen tree. Come on! That just ain't right!!!!

The PUB and National Parks Board (NParks) have their work cut out for them. If we are as modern as we claim to be, we should have been better prepared to handle the heavy rainfall. After all, it's not like we have experienced continuous rainfall for days in a row. And it does rain a lot in Singapore. It's seriously messed up when a life is lost! Do you get where I'm coming from? If my views are wrong, please let me know in the comment form below...


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