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Let's talk Skin Art!

It feels like just yesterday I met the wonderful folks from and proposed the concept of having an online body art show. To be honest, I didn't think that they would be sold on the idea. I did after all get screwed over by an international cable channel. And this is conservative Singapore after all right? But I believe that everything happens for a reason and I am really happy where I'm at. Big thanks to Gillian and her team from!

I would also like to thank my wife Ann, Sara from 53A, the lovely Dina, Singapore's hottest band The Goodfellas, my sister Shyanne and ghost-hunter William for all the constructive feedback and support. You guys totally rock!

So yeah, it feels surreal that two episodes of Skin Art is up online. Wanna know something? I have a new found obsession! I am constantly checking the number of views both episodes are getting. The 'Human Branding' episode has 19801 views as of this post. As Russel Peters would say, it's "mind blasting!!!". I enjoyed reading MOST of the comments left on each episode too.

Ok, I want to answer some questions in this post. These questions are from friends, folks on Facebook & Twitter, comments on the Skin Art page and some emails. Let's start!

Won't Skin Art be a bad influence on teens?
Are teenagers dumb? Hell no! They have the brains to decide for themselves if they want to get tattooed, pierced, etc... If teenagers are easily influenced, I would have ended up with a shit load of piercings back in the day. But I didn't because it isn't my thing. Instead, I feel we are educating the public on the various forms of body art available in Singapore. If anything, it is an eye opener.

If you are a concerned parent, talk to your son or daughter like an adult. Tell them how you feel and listen to their views. Teenagers aren't children and they won't buy "You can't do this because I said so" crap.

When are new episodes uploaded?
A new episode is uploaded every 2 weeks. Follow on Twitter, join their Facebook page or the Skin Art page on Facebook for updates...

Am I related to Hutch from Numbnuts?
Just because some folks think we look alike, it doesn't mean we are related. Right? For the record, I think Hutch is one hell of a good looking guy. Well anyway, this girl told me recently that I look like David Blaine. Does that mean I am related to him too?! Hah! But seriously, I was waiting for the bus near Thomson Plaza two nights ago and Hutch walked past me. We didn't say hi because we don't know each other YET and we sure as hell aren't related. Case closed!

Should you get branded or tattooed?
Branding like tattoos, is a lifelong commitment. I don't care what your age is, you've got to think real hard before you decide to get inked, branded or have a body modification! Think about the future and what you want to do for a living. It's a fact that it is hard to find a job if you have visible tattoos. Say whatever you want about employers but they do have the image of the company to think about. So think long term and not "my hair is long enough to cover the tattoo". What if you want short hair one day? You're screwed!

Why do people do this to themselves???
I reckon this person was referring to the piercings Farid did. Well, I guess you could say we love body art? Some people love shopping and some love coloring their hair. Same thing except we are a little more extreme. The entire process of tattooing just fascinates me. I love getting inked and I'm sure Farid loves his piercings!

To end this post, I have the results for the Kustom Kulture t-shirt contest *drum roll please*. Congratulations to Joanne Cheow!!! I'll contact you real soon!


  1. Hutch really looks like you when you were younger. No bull...


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