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Vernon Vijayan Koh

Who is Vernon Vijayan Koh? Well Vernon is a tattoo artist here in Singapore. I had the privilege of interviewing him for during the Singapore Tattoo Show 2010. Instead of blogging about his tattoo work, I will rave about his drawings!

The guy can draw!!! He'll draw your ass off if you give him a chance. When I first saw his artwork, I was blown away! You know, I thought he was kidding when he showed me his artwork folder. I looked at his drawing and I assumed they were pictures taken with a camera! His choice of tools? Color pencils!!! Should I add that Vernon is color blind?! I ain't shitting you! He can't see certain shades of color but that sure hasn't stopped him.

Pictures say a thousand words...check out his artwork!

His latest piece...

Megan Fox

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands

Green Tree Python

Mystic from X-Men

My favourite!

Add Vernon on Facebook to view more artwork by clicking here.


  1. These are drawings?? UNBELIEVABLE! I'm floored!! and btw, the blue thing is Mystique from X-Men, not

  2. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, Ann pointed that out to me. Now when I think blue, I think Avatar. I've never seen Avatar so I assumed....

    And yeah, these are drawings. I never knew one could achieve work like this just from color pencils.

  3. I'm proud of ya, Vern. Your works are awesome.


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