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Miss me?!

Has it really been four days since I last blogged?! Damn! It sure doesn't feel like it. It's not like I've been extremely busy or anything. I didn't do much over Chinese New Year other than prawning with the gang and catching up on sleep.

But I have had lots on my mind. Mostly work stuff which I can't talk about here. Every now and then, I question myself about the direction my life is heading and if certain goals are worth fighting for. So yeah, I have been thinking thinking thinking...

Shall we talk about Singapore? Hell yeah!!!

The integrated resort (IR) at Sentosa has been making the news since the casino opened it's doors last Sunday. I wonder what Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew must be thinking! I've got to give the old man props for giving the go ahead to the two casinos. The casinos are creating jobs and it's a brand new attraction for Singapore. Sure there is the dark side to gambling. I reckon it all boils down to self control. It's easier said than done but it IS possible. The same goes to tobacco, alcohol, prostitution, etc...

If you do have a loved one or a friend that goes nuts when he or she is gambling, try talking to them. Don't tell them not to gamble because that is the stupidest thing to say to someone. Fuck, I think it's retarded when parents tell their kids not to smoke or drink without giving them a reason! So instead of saying "don't do this", try to help them understand what the people around them are going through because of their problem. Ok?

If you are planning on trying your luck at the Resorts World casino, I wish you all the best! Have fun and make sure you exit the place with a huge ass smile! I'm outta here....

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