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Chinese Zodiac 2010 Predictions!

Since this is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I want to share with you what your Chinese Zodiac predicts for 2010. If by any chance you reside outside Asia, you can find your zodiac by looking out for your year of birth listed under each animal. Since this is the year of the Tiger, we'll kick things off with the big pussy cat!

Birth year: 1926(84), 1938(72), 1950(60), 1962(48), 1974(36), 1986(24), 1998(12)
• Year 2010 will be a turning point for you.
• You will experience a lot of unexpected events or encounter will things not within your
• There will be an opportunity for you to go abroad for further expansion.
• The success of your expansion however will depend on your individual Bazi structure.
• There will also be chances for you to move house and change jobs.

Luck rating: Neutral

Horse (This is my Zodiac!!!)
Birth year: 1930(80), 1942(68), 1954(56), 1966(44), 1978(32), 1990(20), 2002(8)
• After a year's of hard work, 2010 is the year for you to shine.
• 2010 marks a new beginning for you as all your troubles and misfortunes will be resolved
beginning 2010.
• You will see your efforts recognized by your superiors and peers.
• You will receive support from your peers, friends and family during the year.
• You will also meet someone valuable who will aid you in your future endeavors.
• We advise you to pursue all investments and treasure all opportunities you have in 2010.

Luck rating: Excellent

Birth year: 1924(86), 1936(74), 1948(62), 1960(50), 1972(38), 1984(26), 1996(14), 2008(2)
• It will be a busy year for those belonging to the Rat Zodiac.
• 2010 will not be as smooth sailing as compared to 2009.
• Be mindful of your straightforwardness and recklessness as you will tend to act on
• With the ending of 2009, the best opportunities for you has past.
• For all who wants to begin something new, we advise you to hold and wait for a better

Luck rating: Neutral

Year: 1925(85), 1937(73), 1949(61), 1961(49), 1973(37), 1985(25), 1997(13)
• You will encounter secret romances and opportunities in 2010.
• Especially for all females, you are more likely to meet to have secret romances than your
male counterparts.
• You may appear to be nonchalant and normal on the surface but deep down you are
always finding things to worry yourself with.
• We advise you to let go of your troubles and think less about the troubles.

Luck rating: Challenging

Year: 1927(83), 1939(71), 1951(59), 1963(47), 1975(35), 1987(23), 1999(11)
• You will encounter competitors during the year so do be cautious on all matters.
• Avoid all confrontations with these competitors as luck is on their side this year.
• To turn things to your favour, try to befriend these competitors instead.
• However, we advise you to be wary of who these competitors are as there are 2 sides to
a coin.
• Chances of making and breaking this year is 50-50.

Luck rating: Challenging

Birth year: 1928(82), 1940(70), 1952(58), 1964(46), 1976(34), 1988(22), 2000(10)
• You will be given a chance to support your surrounding peers, family (spouse and
children), friends & colleagues.
• These include discovering talents within your firm.
• However, you are likely to encounter major problems during the process.
• Success can be achieved only if you persevere.

Luck rating: Challenging

Birth year: 1929(81), 1941(69), 1953(57), 1965(45), 1977(33), 1989(21), 2001(9)
• 2010 will not be smooth sailing for you.
• On the surface, you may receive what you perceive as strong and reliable support during
the year.
• Be mindful that the perceived support is in fact a trap.
• We advise you to avoid all investments such as job change, stock investments, transfer,
• Do take extra caution during the year as you are more likely to experience accidents and
relationship break-ups.

Luck rating: Take extreme care

1931(79), 1943(67), 1955(55), 1967(43), 1979(31), 1991(19), 2003(7)
• After a volatile year experienced in 2009, 2010 will be a smoother year for you.
• Things you have been doing for the past year will come to a halt.
• In 2010, you will feel that things that are achievable and within reach suddenly appear to
be distant.
• For those with wood as their wealth element, do take note of the following in 2010.
• You may face temporary cash flow issues (due to wealth being temporarily locked away).
• Your loved ones especially spouse (for male) and father may face unexpected health

Luck rating: Neutral

1932(78), 1944(66), 1956(54), 1968(42), 1980(30), 1992(18), 2004(6)
• You will tend to be reckless and impulsive in 2010.
• In 2010, you are likely to have quarrels and squabbles with your surroundings.
• Especially for married couples, the quarrels will intensify during the year.
• Your risk appetite will also increase as compared to 2009 however do take note that the
increased risk appetite is unfavorable to you.
• Do be wary of accidents during the year.

Luck rating: Take extreme care

1933(77), 1945(65), 1957(53), 1969(41), 1981(29), 1993(17), 2005(5)
• After a year of stable luck, 2010 will be a challenging and exciting year for you.
• We advise you to focus on harnessing direct wealth instead of unexpected wealth.
• You can also expect to gain direct wealth from overseas sources.
• For male singles, you are likely to meet your other half during the year. He/ She is most
likely to come from abroad.
• For all who work hard during the year, your efforts will be paid off.

Luck rating: Above average

1934(76), 1946(64), 1958(52), 1970(40), 1982(28), 1994(16), 2006(4)
- New opportunities will arise during the year. Sources of the opportunities are likely to be
from overseas or out of your job scope.
- Success of these opportunities is highly dependent on the individual's Bazi combination.
- You will face greater pressure from your superior during the year.
- But do bear in mind that the pressure will enable you to soar to greater heights if you are
able to meet your superior's expectations.

Luck rating: Above average

1935(75), 1947(63), 1959(51), 1971(39), 1983(27), 1995(15), 2007(3)
• 2010 is the year for you to shine
• All your ideas and plans that you have for the past year will be accomplished during the
• You will find yourself conceiving many great ideas during the year.
• You can also expect to fulfill your dreams or even be able to take a short break.
• For all unmarried, you will meet your counterpart during the year as romance is in the air.
• Enjoy this smooth sailing year ahead!

Luck rating: Excellent

I love how 2010 looks for the Horse. I just know it's gonna be an awesome year. I hope your outlook looks good too. If it doesn't, don't be disheartened. Like I told my wife, all you need to do is work hard and remember to always think positive!


  1. uber interesting! thanks for sharing!

    it's my year bitches!!! heh.

  2. You're most welcome sis! You're a Tiger huh? Growl for me please...
    Heee...But yeah, 2010 does look good for you. High five!

  3. haha i is the ox... yeah i'm having an imaginary secret romance with the guy i like! 

  4. My monkey is not that good... it's direct crash with tai sui... gotta be more low profile sey

  5. Hahahaha! Imaginary secret romance?! How does that work? Hmm, I bet the imaginary sex must be kinky! =)

  6. How bout you beat the monkey brotha?!
    Hah! I'm kidding...

    What does tai sui mean?

  7. eh.... Ant is from the year of the horse too? Well any way.... Mine has been terrible ..... i mean literally....

  8. Ant is Ram/Goat. Doesn't look good for her too.
    Why hasn't it been good for you?

  9. I like your site, way cool and thank you for sharing your creativity and good astrology.


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