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Singapore Tattoo Show VIP Party

Here are pictures from the VIP party held on Thursday night at Zouk's Velvet Underground...

Julia Wilson & Ross Myhill from Star Crossed Tattoo, Hong Kong

Grelwyn Gael Rozario & Burk Schaefers from Tattoo Galerie, Germany

Microtattoo from Thailand

Jeremy Lo from Monkey Tattoo, Borneo (on the right)

Heidi, Scott (Shark Tattoo), Amanda and Yu Mun

Mary, Grelwyn & Wati

Bob Tyrrell from Night Gallery (in glasses)

Ryan Bernardino from Ronnie's Tattoo & Piercing, Indonesia


  1. How does one get invited to the tattoo vip show ? I want to get invited in future.

  2. Hmm...this party was for the exhibitors. There's also a welcome party which they have every year. I'll do my best to give away tickets to the 'Welcome Party' next year...

  3. That looks awesome!!! Wish I was there!

  4. Make sure you come next year! I'll remind you later in the year and you guys can take advantage of the special room rates they have for overseas visitors =)


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