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Day 1 Singapore Tattoo Show 2010

Tim Hendricks from Gold Rush Tattoo

Chris Garver

Jeffrey from Kustoms 7 Tattoos
There are more pictures but I'm way too tired to upload them. If you wanna view more, head on to Tattoo Pride on Facebook!


  1. The pictures taken at tattoo pride are quite bad. The pictures suffer from motion shakeness e.g. looks as if it is taken at 1/30 seconds and also are not very high resolution.  Request to set shuttle speed at max 1/250 second and use flash, so as not to suffer motion shakeness.

  2. I think those pictures were taken using a mobile phone. A HTC if I'm not wrong. I know nuts about cameras anyway. I do wanna get a SLR camera someday though...

  3. I think next year you need to get a camera man with a better camera, at least not as bad as this. And the camera man must post photos each day, I see only 74 photos and they are on the 1st day of the show only. Where are the photos for day 2 and day 3 ? I expect the photos for day 2 to be posted on day 3 and not some time after.

  4. Hahaha, I love the Internet.

    Missed the whole convention... again!


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